Key work of winter construction: fire prevention, antifreeze, antiskid and poisoning prevention

1n order to effectively strengthen the construction site safety production work in winter and curb the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents, the Department of housing and urban rural development of Shaanxi Province recently issued a notice, requiring to do a good job in winter construction safety production work

winter is not only the prone period of all kinds of construction safety accidents, but also the key period of construction dust control. The Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development requires all levels of construction administrative departments, construction enterprises and supervision units to firmly establish the “people-oriented” safety management concept, and fully understand the importance of winter construction safety production work. 1t is necessary to strengthen the safety management of the construction site and prevent the construction dust pollution; “Fire prevention, antifreeze, antiskid and poisoning prevention” should be taken as the key preventive work in winter construction; According to climate change, flexible arrangements for different types of work; Strengthen the management of the workers’ living area; Focus on strengthening the management of welding and other open fire operations in interior decoration projects; Focus on the detection, repair and maintenance of the equipment to ensure that all kinds of safety devices and limit devices are effective and reliable

construction administrative departments at all levels and construction enterprises should consolidate the achievements of this year’s safety inspection, seriously organize and carry out winter construction safety production inspection, and focus on strengthening the inspection of scaffolding, formwork support, deep foundation pit support, lifting machinery and equipment and other vulnerable parts and important links prone to mass casualties. The inspection should be “who checks, who signs, who is responsible”. For the potential safety hazards found in the inspection, it is necessary to formulate feasible rectification measures, implement the person in charge of rectification, and ensure that the hidden danger rectification is in place

the construction administrative departments at all levels should further improve the emergency plan and strengthen the emergency management, especially seriously implement the safety precautions in bad weather such as cold current, strong wind, rain, snow and freezing. We should conscientiously strengthen the duty work, arrange holiday duty ahead of time, and strictly implement the system of leadership on duty, the 24-hour duty system of key posts, and the system of quick report of accident information

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