Known as the little emperor of the labor protection industry climbing gloves

1t’s the beginning of another year, new year and new weather. As a farmer growing up in the fields, Lao Wang is going to set out again. This year, he will still take a group of “people with lofty ideals” from his village to work in remote places, so that the village can obtain long-term development

Lao Wang, the place they are going to is the mining base. They have been fighting in this position for several years. But this year they seem to be less energetic than before. Because last year, a few of them were injured in the mine, so that this year they can only recuperate at home and can’t go out

on the way, Lao Wang has been murmuring in his heart all the time. How can we solve this problem and make everyone less hurt and more money? Because farmers are no better than city dwellers, men are the mainstay, and they have to support their families with their meager income. So, the men who grow up in the fields are very important to the family. As soon as he got to the mine to put down his things, Lao Wang received a call from his boss to invite him to have a drink. They are villagers. Sometimes the boss is not particular about it, so he often goes out to have a drink together. But what Lao Wang didn’t expect was that the drinking was extraordinary

when he was drinking, the boss looked at the depressed Lao Wang and said with a smile, “Lao Wang, 1 know the reason why you are not happy. 1 asked you to drink this time to solve this problem.” Lao Wang a listen to music, excitement also came up: “1 say, our boss Zhao is intimate.” The boss said with a smile: “you are a man. 1 told you that 1 ordered special labor protection gloves in Dengsheng labor protection products Co., Ltd., the most popular manufacturer of labor protection gloves in recent years. Later, you will wear labor protection gloves when you go to work. Their Dengsheng logo is a well-known trademark of China, and its products sell well in many countries and regions at home and abroad, which is absolutely trustworthy. ” Lao Wang with a dubious attitude, the boss to ascend the gloves issued to everyone, this do not wear do not believe, a wear it is for several years. So far, Lao Wang and his family are still wearing climbing gloves. Speaking of climbing gloves, he is always very excited to say: my fellow villagers and 1 are very grateful for this little glove. Although it’s small, it’s very useful. “

climbing gloves is really the “little emperor” of the labor insurance industry

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