Korean clothing adopts safety standard system since January 2010

from January 2010, Korea will adopt safety standard system for all clothing and leather products. 1n this way, consumers can clearly know whether the products contain harmful substances when they buy such goods< According to the quality management and public product safety management law, the safety management system of clothing products for household consumption has been modified, and the safety inspection on indirect contact with formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals in skin clothing products has been added, Strengthen product safety standards so far, the management of formaldehyde and other harmful substances in clothing in South Korea is only limited to baby clothing and underwear products less than 24 months old. But recently, many harmful substances have been detected in leisure pants, fur products and leather products. Therefore, the Ministry of knowledge economy will add “children’s clothing products” on the basis of the original “baby clothing products and contact clothing products” and plan to include “adult contact clothing products” in the scope of safety and quality marks Park renkui, who is in charge of life product safety research at Korea 1nstitute of technical standards, believes: “this revision of the safety standards for household consumption clothing products is in line with the trend of strengthening the safety management of clothing products in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, which will help to ensure the safety of consumer products.”

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