Kuandian County takes measures such as hanging warning flag to grasp forest fire prevention

Aiming at the severe situation of forest fire prevention, yangmuchuan town of Kuandian County held “forest fire prevention work deployment meeting” for many times to ensure the safety of forest fire prevention

strengthen publicity. Through posting slogans, hanging warning flags, mobile publicity vehicles, cable TV network publicity and other channels, we can guide the masses to change customs, worship their ancestors in a civilized way, and do not take inflammables up the mountain. We can educate the masses to have a happy holiday and not forget to abide by the fire prevention management regulations and various fire safety precautions, so as to achieve a civilized holiday

strengthen the supervision to take precautions. 1t is required that leaders and group leaders of towns and villages should be stationed in villages for supervision, fire prevention work of each village should be arranged, key sections in the area should be supervised, and special groups of people should be monitored to eliminate potential safety hazards

strengthen patrol and strictly control fire prevention team. All forest supervisors and forest rangers entered the administrative area and increased patrol inspection. The town fire prevention team is concentrated in the town forestry station, and the village fire prevention team is concentrated in the village department. Those who are not in place according to the requirements will be dealt with once verified. All personnel should ensure smooth communication and be on call at any time

strengthen management to ensure fire safety. 1mplement the 24-hour leader on duty system to ensure the smooth flow of information. Overhaul fire extinguisher and fire vehicle, ensure that it can be used normally, and require the Rangers to carry fire extinguishing tools (such as shovel, broom, etc.) when they train around. Br / >
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