Kunming fire protection to ensure the fire safety of South China Expo

On June 6, “the second China South Asia Expo and the 22nd China Kunming 1mport and Export Fair” was solemnly opened in Kunming. 1n order to ensure the fire safety of this national level Expo, Kunming fire department gathered the strength of the whole police and the heart of the whole staff, made scientific research and judgment, made careful deployment, mobilized the whole police, stood ready, intervened in advance, investigated comprehensively, dealt with in accordance with the law, and executed the law in a civilized way, vowing to ensure the fire safety of “South China Expo”

as early as the end of May, Kunming fire department participated in the preparatory work of the meeting in advance. Zhang Guojian, leader of Kunming fire brigade, and other leaders led the team to supervise the implementation of fire safety work in the exhibition hall and other relevant venues. The city’s fire supervision cadres also carried out carpet type investigation and rectification on the relevant venues, mainly on whether the fire safety responsibility system of the unit is implemented, whether the fire truck passage is unblocked, whether the fire facilities and equipment are intact and effective, whether the fire safety supervision system is effective, and whether the fire safety supervision system is effective Whether the evacuation passageway and emergency exit meet the requirements of the specification, whether the decoration meets the standards, whether the emergency plan is sound, and whether the staff are trained

in view of the problems found in the inspection, Kunming fire department timely investigated and dealt with them in accordance with the law; 1n view of some difficult problems, it is also the first time to negotiate with relevant functional departments, discuss solutions together, and rectify them in the shortest time, so as to ensure the fire safety of the exhibition hall and the venues involved

at present, the work of on duty security is being carried out in an orderly and efficient way

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