Labor 1nsurance Association brands gather to build a fast lane for enterprise development

On October 25, the 95th “labor protection association” ushered in the second day of the session with the sea breeze and warm sunshine. The mood of the audience is like warm sunshine in autumn. 1t’s still less than 8 a.m. and the crowd is surging in front of the audience registration office. Staff are busy explaining services and processing certificates for waves of new visitors. With the help of the staff, the audience lined up orderly and waited for admission. There is an endless stream of people. Before the opening of the museum, there has been a long line at the entrance. At 8:30, the exhibition hall opened, and the Labor Protection Association officially opened the next day. The next day of the “labor insurance meeting” has always been practical, efficient and wonderful

as the largest, most influential and oldest industry event in the field of safety and health protection in China. The three-day 95th labor insurance fair occupies three pavilions of Qingdao 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters, more than 1000 booths, more than 800 exhibitors and many well-known labor insurance brands. With the theme of “new expectation of service, new products of industry and new business opportunities of market”, the exhibition guides Chinese labor insurance enterprises to seize the opportunity and climb new peaks in the favorable period of industrial transformation and upgrading and rapid rise of market, and leads Chinese labor insurance industry to break through, innovate and change

the old brand competitive show booth

for a long time, the second day of “labor insurance fair” is the peak time for business negotiation. 1f we say that on the first day of the exhibition, the audience focuses on feeling the warm atmosphere of the exhibition and going deep into the exhibition, then the next day of the exhibition is the best time to choose cooperation, negotiate and place orders. Therefore, taking a comprehensive view of the major brand booths, the exchange and signing of contracts are in full swing

on the morning of the 25th, the ebay buyer group, which attracted much attention from the exhibitors, paid a concentrated visit to many new and old exhibitors of Labor 1nsurance Association for in-depth exchange and cooperation, which was welcomed and valued by the exhibitors

the “hold fast” series products brought by old brand exhibitors Dengsheng have won the favor of customers. European standard anti cuttin5, American Standard anti cuttin5, 8, anti biochemical, acid, alkali, oil, super grip, cold and warm, Xuelong scientific research ship special gloves, super grip, cold and waterproof, unique pattern, nitrile micro foaming, breathable and flexible, durable wear-resistant, oil and wear-resistant, micro foaming technology The second skin of the hand and other new products with various keyword labels are delicately displayed in the booth to stimulate customer interest. At the same time, Dengsheng has set up an award-winning activity of “looking for Hercules” on the booth to encourage customers to experience the characteristics and advantages of new products through actual combat, successfully attract popularity and win attention

Shanghai Xima Shoes Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of safety shoes, protective shoes and professionals, is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, R & D, production and sales of footwear products, with perfect production and sales operation system, first-class production facilities, quality inspection, logistics distribution and after-sales tracking service. Over the years, the company has always been “quality survival, innovation and development” as the purpose, after several years of market game, has developed into a professional production and sales of safety shoes well-known enterprises. At present, the company is building a “Xima industrial base” to further expand the scale of operation, so that customers can enjoy the “stay at home, worry free purchase” quality service

in the booth of Shandong Kunpeng brand, the exhibits are rich and diverse, covering a full range of labor protection articles, such as safety shoes, protective clothing, occupational clothing, protective masks, etc. The person in charge of the enterprise warmly introduced the exhibits and enterprise characteristics to the ebay buyer group. Kunpeng Zhengxue series safety shoes are not world famous brands, nor nano and other high-tech, but they are healthy, environment-friendly and practical, with long leather fiber, high tensile force, toughness, good air permeability, thickness of more than 1.6 mm, and wear-resistant BK composite sweat absorbing cloth is used in the shoes. No kind of safety shoes can meet the safety protection of all industrial places with one fit. No matter how good safety shoes are used improperly, they can not play a protective role. Therefore, Kunpeng thinks that it is best for you

in addition, Shuangan technology, Dunwang, Dongya, Xingyu, Gangkai, Weidie, Chaomei, Xinhua, pengliang and other excellent brands’ booths display new products in an orderly manner and have a variety of styles, and come to consult customers constantly

the upstart enterprises have gained a lot

in addition to the big brands in the industry, the labor insurance association also opens the door for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and cutting-edge brands, providing a broad stage and supporting policies. As the “wind vane” and “barometer” of the labor insurance industry, the labor insurance association, while guiding the general direction, is more committed to building a rapid improvement platform for developing enterprises to help them develop faster and better. Along with the 95th session, numerous well-known brands in the industry have taken root and sprouted from here and gone to the national and even world markets

among the new brands, Shanghai Saiyu metal products Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Xinqiang safety protection products Co., Ltd. are very representative. Among them, Sai Yu, the “expert on the safe storage of dangerous goods”, has been the largest manufacturer of metal safety storage products in China since 2000, providing the most high-quality industrial safety storage products for major brands and institutions at home and abroad. Saiyu focuses on R & D and innovation, maintains the leading level in the industry, and provides the safest employees and maximum fire prevention measures for enterprises and public institutions

Saiyu is characterized by its specialty, while Xinqiang has already won. Founded in 1998, Qingdao Xinqiang safety protection products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the wholesale business of labor protection products. After years of dedicated operation, it has developed into one of the largest wholesale companies of labor protection products in Jiaodong Peninsula and even in Shandong Province. The product sales network covers many cities in the province, and its convenient transportation network and professional service team guarantee that the goods will be delivered to customers in the shortest time. At present, the company has a full range of head, hand, limb and foot protective products. The cooperative brands include star, East Asia, Emmas, Sichuang, earth, baoweikang, Cooper, Ambo, daiyi, Litai, 3M and other well-known brands

in addition, Shandong hengxingtai group is not a new exhibitor, but it is a new brand. Different from the previous standard booths, hengxingtai appeared in a large area of special booths to highlight the power of the group. As a large-scale production enterprise of labor protection products integrating chemical fiber, cotton spinning, gloves and weaving, the group has five bases. 1t always adheres to the strategic management concept of “building the enterprise with morality, prospering the enterprise with sincerity, prospering the enterprise with credit, and winning the enterprise with quality”. 1t keeps on developing and innovating, producing and scientific research, and strives to build the whole industrial chain production system, with good product reputation and quality standards, 1t has won high praise from customers at home and abroad, become one of the leading manufacturers of safety gloves in the industry, and also the largest supplier of yarn gloves in the world

every exhibitor has developed and expanded, and each product has been upgraded and the cooperation has been completed smoothly. For more than 50 years, the labor insurance association has been serving new expectations, launching new industrial products, creating new market opportunities, sticking to the original persistence and inner enthusiasm, striving to achieve industrial integration, prosperous commerce and trade, and promoting brand building 1ndustrial progress, the implementation of exhibition services to the real economy, so that every expectation is to find a home, every boutique does not live up to expectations, every opportunity to grasp

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