Labor 1nsurance Association opened yesterday, the first day of people and money flourishing

On October 19, the 93rd China Labor Protection Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Labor Protection Fair”), a national professional exhibition sponsored by China Textile Business Association and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China, was grandly opened in Dongguan, the “world factory”

Li Jianhua, executive president of China Textile Business Association, Zhang Shuren, President of China Textile Business Association, and relevant leaders from Dongguan visited the exhibition booths of participating enterprises and exchanged cordially with enterprise representatives. Li Jianhua pointed out that in the past 50 years, the labor protection association has not forgotten its original intention, cast high-quality products, adhered to the principle of safety first, and closely adhered to the principle of spreading safety awareness and building a safety industry; Pay attention to the strength of scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the construction of safety with science and technology, and constantly enhance the safety coefficient of protective products; 1t advocates win-win cooperation, the scale of the exhibition is constantly improving, the audience group is constantly expanding, and the support from all walks of life constantly stimulates the vigorous vitality of the “Labor 1nsurance Association” to break through and forge ahead

as the largest, most influential and oldest industry event in the field of safety and health protection in China, “labor protection association” landed in Dongguan, the first of the “four tigers in Guangdong”. 1n this dazzling pearl River Delta, it is also one of the most active economies in China, occupying the business highland of China’s labor protection industry and opening the window of the southern market

the “Three Beauties” of labor insurance vigorously promote the “five new” of industry

this exhibition can be described as an industry event integrating the beauty of industry, technology and new products. October 19-21, the 3-day 93rd China labor protection products fair, with an exhibition area of nearly 30000 square meters, nearly 800 booths and 500 exhibitors. Famous domestic labor insurance brands such as Xingyu, Dengsheng, Dongya, Gangkai, Chaomei, sailite, Weidie, Kunpeng, baoweikang, Guanhua, Feihe, Xima, Guangzhou Nanfang and Shenzhen pengliang all appeared. 1n particular, the 18 enterprises represented by Zunrong shoes, kuaiyuda equipment and Hengda labor insurance in Dongguan became a beautiful scenery of the exhibition

Dongguan Association of work safety professional service organizations organizes Dongguan Work Safety Association, Dongguan work safety training company, Nanjing Anyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yuelong Certified Safety Engineer Office Co., Ltd., Shenzhen xinjunxiang Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zhongtai work safety training Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huasheng work safety evaluation Co., Ltd Guangdong Dongzheng safety and Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huicheng safety, health and environment Consulting Co., Ltd., Dongguan Ruixin safety production training Co., Ltd., Guangdong Guangmao education and Culture Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shihe Safety Technology Consulting Co., Ltd., Guangdong Safety Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Hongyue occupational safety Technology Co., Ltd Dongguan kexu testing and Evaluation Technology Service Co., Ltd., Hua’an Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Yehui safety production training Co., Ltd., Dongguan GCL safety testing Co., Ltd., Guangdong Anyuan Dingsheng testing and Evaluation Technology Service Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhonghong safety production training Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhongjian Testing Technology Co., Ltd., etc Occupational safety institutions participated in the fair

the “Labor 1nsurance Association” held twice a year keeps innovating, making progress and improving on the basis of inheritance. At this exhibition, many labor protection products conforming to market demand, reflecting scientific and technological content and wearing comfort and fashion showed guests and audiences at home and abroad a full range of personal protective equipment covering body parts, such as personal protective equipment, occupational clothing and materials, safety production monitoring instruments and safety production equipment

on the first day of the exhibition, people were very popular. The heads of several brand exhibitors said that the audience of the exhibition was mainly from Guangdong, and many old customers came to the exhibition after hearing about it. Baoweikang, Dengsheng, kuaiyuda, Shuangan, Xingyu and Shenzhen pengliang have a continuous flow of customers, and many enterprises have intention orders

nowadays, many labor insurance companies are catching up with the development trend of the industry at the speed of sprint. The labor insurance association is becoming the assembly point of “new products, new technologies, new technologies, new trends and new cooperation” with strong professional, advanced and efficient, leading the future development of the whole labor insurance industry. The combination with Dongguan will realize industrial integration and prosperous business, promote the innovation of labor insurance industry in Southeast China, speed up the construction of regional labor insurance brand, implement the essence of the exhibition to serve the real economy, comprehensively display the domestic leading labor insurance scientific and technological achievements, drive the development of relevant supporting industries, and give full play to the large-scale professional exhibitions to further expand domestic demand The function of promoting consumption

advocating the fine products of the foundry industry with ingenuity

in today’s society, people are increasingly exploring the importance of craftsman spirit and calling for the return of craftsman spirit when they pursue the immediate benefits brought by “short, flat and fast” and ignore the quality soul of products

the growth and development history of “labor protection association” records the development process of China’s labor protection products enterprises from small to large, from simple technology to high-tech content, from single variety to complete variety and hard work. Under the leadership of China Textile Business Association, “labor protection association” has made its footprints all over the country. Along the way, “labor insurance people” and “Labor 1nsurance Association” grow together, create brilliance, and sing “the world’s labor insurance family”

looking back over the past 50 years, the labor insurance association has been aiming at supporting enterprise progress, promoting industrial upgrading and boosting industry development, integrating the elites of upstream and downstream industries, selecting the best labor insurance products, disseminating the most cutting-edge industry trends, gathering the highest value market information, and effectively gathering the flow of people, logistics, capital and information, 1t has become the preferred professional platform for selecting high-quality products, understanding industry trends, developing new markets and winning business opportunities

with the care of the craftsmen, the perseverance of the industry and the heartfelt feelings of the family” “Labor 1nsurance Association” will continue to raise the sail of science and technology, take the helm of high-quality products, gather friends of elites and set sail for new opportunities, new hopes and new future

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