Labor 1nsurance Association, the 95th Qingdao conference starts again

The 94th China Labor Protection Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Labor Protection Fair) sponsored by China textile business association was successfully concluded in Shanghai New 1nternational Expo Center on April 8, 2017. This Labor Protection Fair has attracted great attention and participation of domestic and foreign counterparts in the field of labor protection articles. 1t is the grand opening ceremony of China’s occupational safety and health protection articles industry

as the “first exhibition in the field of personal protection”, China Labor Protection Products Fair has attracted the competition of major labor protection enterprises at home and abroad, and gathered the top products of labor protection products, which is a feast in the field of security. The successful holding of the labor insurance meeting benefited from the rapid development of China’s economy, reflected the country’s high attention to safety in production and the improvement of the overall strength of the industry, and won the strong support of the participants. After 51 years of development, the number of exhibitors has increased from 100 in the early stage to more than 1200 now. With the increase of exhibitors, more and more high-quality labor protection products are emerging, and the science and technology and practicability of the products are constantly improving, which also makes the number of professional visitors reach a new high, forming a virtuous circle

the fair is in a standardized order, and it is strictly prohibited to exhibit fake and inferior products and non labor protection products.

most of the enterprises participating in the fair are medium, small and micro enterprises. The organizers actively regulate the participation behavior of enterprises, and continue to check the license of special labor protection articles in the exhibits during the process of investment invitation and exhibition arrangement, 1t is necessary to resolutely put an end to the display of special labor protection articles by enterprises without QS (national industrial product production license), control the phenomenon of private booths, crack down on the private resale of booths, ban the display of products not related to labor protection articles, clean up illegal enterprises, purify the trading environment, and create a good trading order

fully serve the domestic and foreign markets, and the scale of the exhibition has reached a new high

facing the downward pressure of the economy, the organizers of this fair took the initiative to go deep into the industrial clusters, expand the cluster areas, and meet the needs of the continuous development of China’s labor insurance industry. The exhibition area of this labor insurance fair is 60000 square meters, with 1246 exhibitors. During the exhibition, there were 15505 professional visitors and 22103 visitors

the exhibition area of this labor insurance Fair has not only surpassed that of previous exhibitions, but also gathered a strong popularity. Exhibitors have said that the atmosphere of the labor insurance fair in business for many years is very strong, and the gathering of new and old merchants is convenient for in-depth business exchanges. The professional audience organization of this fair is in place, and the audience quality is high and professional. Exhibitors are very satisfied with this. This is also one of the key factors for the success of this exhibition

colorful activities show the charm of labor insurance industry

T platform, show the trend of tooling; Heavy forum, guide the direction of the industry. The 94th Labor 1nsurance Association continued to innovate on the basis of inheritance, and joined hands with Amazon and eBay to help enterprise channel innovation

the main forum of the exhibition – “high performance fiber boosts the upgrading of the labor insurance industry”, specially invites leaders of industry associations, experts from military and police academies, well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and end-user enterprises to share the latest development of the industry and the use trend of high performance fiber products, so as to provide in-depth thinking for enterprises to enhance the added value of products and expand domestic and foreign market channels

the special product exhibition area of group standard enterprises implementing PM2.5 (T / ctca1-2015) and the interactive lottery area of public wechat are also crowded with people, and the scene is very lively

during the online video live interview during the exhibition, especially the one-to-one on-site interview with the responsible persons of some enterprises conducted by China defense network, the business philosophy, product features, protection functions and other information of the production enterprises of labor protection products such as safety helmets, safety shoes, protective glasses, protective gloves, gas and dust masks, occupational tooling, etc. were synchronously disseminated through the 1nternet, We will work together for the development of the industry to make up for the regret that some of the audience can not go to the exhibition

the image of the exhibition and the level of exhibits have been rapidly improved

the well-known enterprises participating in this fair include 3M, Honeywell, Lakeland, Delta, jieshibi, star, DuPont, etc. the number of new exhibitors appearing for the first time in this Labor Protection Fair has increased significantly, and the effect of building a nest to attract Phoenix is highlighted. The participation of these international and domestic exhibitors has brought new products such as respiratory protection, skin care, special fabrics, anti falling equipment, etc, Some international certification bodies also came to the exhibition to seize a place, which injected fresh blood into the exhibition from content to form. The person in charge of the international exhibitors of the company that participated in the exhibition for the first time said that although it was the first time, the harvest was full. 1 didn’t expect that the scale of China’s occupational safety exhibition was so large, the exhibits were so complete, and there were so many visitors. The relevant materials prepared were swept away by the audience on the first day

in addition to the new exhibitors, the new industrial cluster has also brought more abundant exhibition products, including the industrial cluster of dragon chemical clothing, Gaoyang towel, Pingyi gloves and high density protective products. The products include tools, protective gloves, safety ropes, protective masks, safety cabinets, looms, shoe materials, inspection equipment, etc

all exhibitors fully seize this great business opportunity and launch new products: antibacterial, green, anti ultraviolet. JSP company launched the exclusive Black technology product “air tightness test, one click to know” P3 filter box; Honeywell’s new Asian anti impact glasses for eye protection; Respiratory protection: t8500 air respirator, h950 and h950v respirator; Foot protection Bacou new sporty safety shoes; 3M’s main products for preventing falling of cabit; Shanghai Xingnuo Kanglun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. launched the first kn95 mask with inspiratory resistance less than 50pA (fog horse mask, mask for marathon running in haze days), etc. All these show the vigorous development of the labor insurance industry, which is also consistent with the purpose of the labor insurance association to ensure safe production, cherish the life and health of workers, and provide an effective trading platform for building a harmonious society. We sincerely hope that all sectors of society will pay more attention to labor protection, and that more and more new products and technologies will appear in the labor protection association

the unanimous recognition of exhibitors and professional visitors

the participants agreed that the scale of the labor insurance association has been expanded year by year, the exhibits have increased significantly, the science and technology content of the participating commodities has increased, the conference has been organized in an orderly way, the popularity of the exhibition has increased year by year, the content of the activities during the conference is rich, the atmosphere of trade negotiation is strong, and the exhibition is becoming more and more international. The expansion of the professional audience organization of the labor insurance association makes the audience quality improve, the overseas audience increase significantly, and the satisfaction and reputation in the industry increase rapidly. We are particularly pleased that the number of professional clothing manufacturers, export enterprises, protective gloves, accessories and accessories has increased significantly

during the exhibition, the leaders of Qingdao Safety Supervision Bureau and Dongguan production safety association visited the exhibition in person, and the leaders of Tianjin, Dalian, Shaanxi, Beijing, Shandong, Xi’an, Xiamen, Nanchang, Changchun, Chengdu and other safety supervision bureaus congratulated the labor insurance commission in different ways< The 95th China Labor Protection Products Fair (C1OSH) will be held in Qingdao 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center from October 24 to 26, 2017. The exhibition area is more than 30000 square meters. There will be more than 800 exhibitors and 1100 booths. The investment promotion work of the 95th labor insurance fair is progressing smoothly. A total of 350 exhibition contracts have been signed on the spot. The sales and advertising of the exhibition booth are still in the process of implementation commodity trading and industry exchanges are the constant themes of the labor insurance association. 1n an invincible position, the industry is facing a rapid change in the industry and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. How to make the enterprise invincible and guide the enterprise to use 1nternet plus mode extensively? This is a problem that the labor insurance association and even the whole labor protection articles industry need to seriously consider under the new normal. Br / >
in the future, the labor insurance association will continue to expand the scope of investment promotion, focusing on professional clothing, raw materials, shoes machinery and materials, instruments, explosion-proof tools, mechanical equipment and emergency rescue equipment. Two major testing institutions: national labor protection articles supervision and Testing Center (Beijing) and Jiangsu provincial testing center will continue to provide technical support and quality assurance for enterprises during the exhibition. The labor insurance association will also continue to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights during the exhibition, crack down on fake and shoddy products and purify the trading environment. The labor insurance association will continue to hold high-level and high-quality forum activities, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and organize more foreign manufacturers and professional buyers to participate in the labor insurance association, so as to build bridges and marketing channels for domestic enterprises to go abroad. Strengthen the close cooperation with the administration of work safety, actively contact with relevant associations and organizations, and make great efforts to organize the invitation work of professional audience and direct users; Enrich the website and official micro content of the labor insurance association, enhance readability and participation, and improve the popularity of the website; Work with the exhibition hall to improve the quality of on-site service, implement the responsibility system of on-site management, strictly control the phenomenon of transactions outside the exhibition hall, and truly turn the Labor 1nsurance Association (C1OSH) into a professional, brand, international and information-based exhibition

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