Labor insurance company fined 4 million for manufacturing and selling infringing clothing

Recently, the office of Hubei Provincial Leading Group for combating infringement and counterfeiting released the typical cases of administrative and criminal penalties for combating infringement of intellectual property rights and manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy goods in the province in 2013, involving such criminal cases as counterfeit drugs, counterfeit wine and fake auto parts< 1n mid March 2012, a Qatari customer issued an order of 1.4874 million yuan to Xia Jing, the legal person of Wuhan Jincheng labor protection products Co., Ltd., requiring the production of one-piece work clothes marked with "workmasters" trademark, and the trademark of "workmaster" was registered by Li Guowei, The registration is valid from March 14, 2011 to March 13, 2021 Xia Jing signed a purchase and sale contract with a clothing company in Chibi City that month to process 10000 pieces of one-piece work clothes marked with “workmasters” trademark, but did not obtain the permission of trademark registrant Li Guowei on May 31 last year, Xianning Administration for 1ndustry and Commerce ordered the party concerned to stop the infringement immediately and imposed an administrative penalty of 4 million yuan on Xia Jing in the typical cases announced, there are many similar trademark infringement cases. From March to October 2012, Hou Zuhua produced toner boxes with counterfeit registered trademarks such as canon, Panasonic, Kyocera, Toshiba, Konica Minolta, etc. in his private house in Donggang Village, Huashan Town, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City, and hired Hou Zucai and Hou A1 to help them fill toner and label packaging. 1n the end, all three were sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment and a fine ranging from 30000 yuan to 10000 yuan< On October 28, 2012, Xiangzhou Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Xiangyang City reported that someone in Luohe, Henan Province bought a truck to transport cigarettes. At 23 pm on November 9, the suspected vehicle was intercepted by tobacco and public security. On the spot, 200 pieces (10000 pieces) of counterfeit cigarettes of Furong brand and Xiongshi brand were found, with a marked value of 220000 yuan. Police arrested the suspects Yan Shichao and Wu Ertao at the scene, and arrested the owner Wu Guanghui on February 27 last year. 1t was verified that the case involved more than 1.2 million yuan. On July 30 last year, Yan Shichao and Wu Ertao were each sentenced to two years' imprisonment, three years' probation, and a fine of 20000 yuan. Wu Guanghui was sentenced to three years' imprisonment, suspended for five years and fined 30000 yuan in addition, from September 2011 to June last year, Zhang Wenbin, a Guangzhou native, sold fake cigarettes such as “swimming”, “Yongguang” and “big cock” to Tu Deyong, a native of Huangpi. Tu Deyong sold them at the price of 300 yuan per cigarette. Tu Deyong bought more than 110000 fake cigarettes from Zhang Wenbin, with a value of about 1 million yuan< On December 15 last year, Yingshan County Court sentenced Zhang Wenbin to six years' imprisonment, Tu Deyong to four years' imprisonment, and five other accomplices to six months to one year copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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