Labor insurance enterprises drive small villages to become rich

There is a three village of Zhilan in Gaomi City, which is located in the east of Gaomi City, next to Jiaozhou City. There are more than 900 people in the village. Relying on the labor insurance industry, every family in the village is very rich. The key to the village’s prosperity lies in the labor insurance industry. There are 30 labor insurance enterprises in the village, and every household is doing labor insurance related work. The average monthly salary of the village ranges from 3500 yuan to 5000 yuan. People familiar with this industry all know that it’s normal for a small family workshop to make more than 200000 yuan a year on an assembly line. 1t’s hard to be rich

it can be seen from the vehicles in and out of every household that the people in this village are really getting rich. The rapid development and great changes of small villages benefit from the growing labor insurance industry. The village branch secretary said: “the situation in the village is getting better and better. So far, there are 30 labor insurance enterprises in the village, which have driven the development of the small village. Now it is very difficult for the village to find an idle labor force, let alone unemployment.” 1t is understood that Zhilan village has been processing labor protection products for a long time, and now its products are sold all over the world, among which Zhilan village 3 is a typical one with the fastest development

in a small enterprise processing and manufacturing labor protection gloves, the villager Leng Yuxiang is printing and dyeing various patterns on the gloves. After processing, a pair of gloves is very beautiful” 1 have to process more than 20000 copies a day. When 1 live more, 1 can earn more than 200 yuan a day. ” 1t is understood that with the improvement of the quantity and quality of labor insurance industry in Gaomi City, the popularity is well-known at home and abroad, and there is an endless stream of customers who are attracted by it. The manager of the company said, “now our gloves are exported to 1ndonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, and there is a steady stream of domestic customers.” 1t is understood that when enterprises in the village accept orders, they always pay first and then ship, which has changed the embarrassing situation of asking for money after shipping, because customers are scrambling for the source of goods here. With the expansion of the labor insurance industry in Zhilan three villages, people from Zhilan three villages are doing labor insurance business in large and medium-sized cities all over the country. Among them, a “labor insurance Street” in Zhilan three villages has been built in Yiwu. Planning to build “manor style” modern agriculture

relying on the labor insurance industry, the people of three villages in Zhilan have not stopped. Since last year, the cadres of the two committees of the village are considering building a better platform for the villagers to get rich. On the day of the interview, the reporter saw that the cadres of the village committee and the representatives of the villagers are studying and discussing a “major event” related to the development of the small village: they plan to introduce foreign businessmen to invest in the village, make use of the idle land in the village, and speed up the development of modern agriculture. The preliminary plan is to help every family in the village build a modern vegetable greenhouse, and build a small villa next to each greenhouse, taking the western “manor style” modern agricultural development path” By then, my village will be more beautiful and richer! ” One villager said that Leng Zhuang’s humorous words are full of confidence in the future development of three villages in Zhilan

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