Labor insurance fair of golden autumn grand event shows new atmosphere of industrial brand in post epidemic Era

“autumn in Beiping is paradise on earth”. The sunny day with high clouds and light clouds, mixed with a trace of coolness, always makes people feel like running. During the epidemic period, the labor protection products industry, which is well known to the public, has attracted tens of thousands of visitors in the post epidemic era

the weather is neither hot nor cold, and the length of day and night is evenly divided. There is no yellow wind from Mongolia in winter, and there is no heavy rain with hail in the dog days. 1n the 30000 square meter exhibition hall, 500 + enterprises show their own skills and offer an all inclusive and wonderful protection products to exhibitors and purchasers from all over the world

the sky is so high, so blue, so bright, and the smiling Beiping welcomes the participation of Shandong Gaomi safety shoes and protective gloves enterprises, Anhui Qingcao mask enterprises, Hebei Handan tooling enterprises and other local governments or local associations. 1t includes many member units led by the green grass safety and health protection products association, the joint exhibition team organized by the vice chairman unit of the safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Association (Zhongti Beili) – Occupational Safety and health labor protection products (Beijing) Co., Ltd., as well as Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd., Shandong Dengsheng Security Technology Co., Ltd., Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd Taicang Qihua knitwear Co., Ltd., Taizhou Guotai safety protection products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongya gloves Co., Ltd. and Shandong Gubang Shoes Co., Ltd. once again ignited the enthusiasm of guests from all over the world to “Beiping appointment” under the theme of “new starting point, new height and new journey” of Beijing labor Protection Association

at the same time, Huairou’s plump chestnuts, wrapped in fine sand and molasses, appear on the table of the China labor insurance network booth, and even the firewood and smoke left on their hands when peeling chestnuts are fragrant. The aroma of Tianjin hemp flower on Shuangan science and technology booth and the tea on the mahogany tea table of Langfang Jiangang are all permeated with the cordial atmosphere of friends coming from afar, Wuzhou friendship Alliance (AP) has prepared hot popcorn, which makes the smile of distant guests sweet….

Taicang Qihua has brought a lot of popular products that buyers choose together; 1n recent years, the labor insurance association has fully linked the international market with the domestic market. 1t has not only become a stage for the centralized display of high-quality products and services in the world, but also an important driving force for the domestic and international double cycle mutual promotion Chen Futai, general manager of Taizhou Cathay Pacific, said

the labor insurance association, which has lasted for 55 years, serves as an effective platform for domestic and foreign labor insurance manufacturers to expand their influence and promote trade and exchange, and injects strong momentum into the high-quality development of national brands of labor insurance industry

four o’clock flows in front of the window, and the sea of people fluctuates in my heart. Beijing in autumn shows all her atmosphere, clarity, simplicity, magnificence and moving fireworks” The new chapter of “100plus” will start, and the development of national brands will enter a new journey and a new stage of development. As an efficient platform for the exhibition of protective articles and a direct dialogue window between the source manufacturers and buyers, the labor insurance association is standing at a new starting point. With a broader mind, Chinese labor insurance workers will welcome friends from all over the world and continue to write more wonderful stories

April 14-16, 2021, Shanghai New 1nternational Expo Center, 100plus China labor protection products fair and 2021 China 1nternational Occupational Safety and epidemic prevention materials Expo, we will meet again ~

source: China labor protection network, original, please indicate the source for reprint

Author: Shi Yibing; Checked by: Wei Qing; Proofread by: Hao Mengwei

email: 1410096532@qq.com

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