Labor insurance is not only for workers

As a basic requirement of enterprise safety production, it is a common sense for everyone to wear labor protection articles when entering the production site. However, in many enterprises, it is often found that some managers do not follow the requirements when they enter the workshop, which can not but arouse people’s enough attention

it is a habit for workers to wear labor protection articles when they enter the production site. Even if some individual employees fail to do this occasionally, they will be criticized and educated by relevant personnel or fined according to regulations. The managers are different, often due to various reasons and not to be investigated. This depends on the management staff to consciously implement safety laws and regulations, set an example, act according to the rules, in order to establish a good image for the staff. 1n addition, labor protection articles are determined according to the working environment and safety requirements. Apart from preventing accidents and facilitating the operation of employees, they also have the function of protecting people’s health from damage. Therefore, no matter from their own interests, or to maintain the implementation of the enterprise safety system, our management personnel should wear labor protection articles in accordance with the regulations when entering the workshop and team

wearing labor protection articles is an effective measure to protect the health of employees. What it protects is not only the workers, but everyone who enters the specific working environment. 1 hope some of our managers will not ignore this

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