Labor insurance shop can’t sell military uniform and military products

handsome in uniform? 1n the future, not soldiers can not wear, and more can not sell! From now on, Heze has carried out centralized rectification of military uniforms and military products and special strike operations. At the same time, the telephone number for reporting and supervising the illegal production, sale and use of military uniforms is also announced. The public are welcome to report the illegal production, sale and use of military uniforms

on the 22nd, the reporter followed the special rectification staff for inspection. On Bayi street, many labor protection stores and outdoor equipment stores can see imitation military uniforms, shoes, hats and other items. For a small number of cases, the inspectors asked to be removed from the shelves, while for a large number of cases, they confiscated them. A shopkeeper said that he purchased from Shijiazhuang, mostly from construction workers and other groups. The reporter learned that the simulated military uniform is popular in labor protection stores and outdoor equipment stores because of its pattern and texture, which is resistant to dirt and firm. Some criminals also take the opportunity to buy and wear “military uniform” to cheat

Wang Xiaochen, chief of the military affairs section, told reporters that in order to strengthen the management of military uniforms, especially the 07 style military uniforms, and maintain the specificity and seriousness of military uniforms, the Propaganda Department of the municipal Party committee, the political and Legal Commission, the Public Security Bureau, the industrial and commercial bureau, and the Heze military division jointly carried out the special rectification action, which lasted until March 30. From June, it will turn to normal supervision and increase the intensity of rectification and crackdown

it is understood that in 2009, the State Council and the Central Military Commission promulgated the regulations on the administration of military uniforms, which clearly stipulated and required the production, circulation, use, prohibition and punishment measures of military uniforms and military uniform materials Article 375 of the criminal law stipulates that anyone who illegally produces or sells more than 30 sets of complete military uniforms or more than 100 pieces of non complete military uniforms or marked costumes of the armed forces shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also be fined

this special rectification action focuses on investigating and punishing illegal sales of military uniforms, special materials and imitations of military uniforms in various labor protection products markets, outdoor products stores, various gift shops and shopping websites; 1nvestigate and deal with the behaviors of military uniform manufacturers producing military uniforms and special materials beyond the scope of the contract, and enterprises without military uniform production qualification producing military uniforms, imitations of military uniforms and special materials for military uniforms; 1nvestigate and deal with the illegal wearing of military uniform and its imitations by employees and citizens of enterprises and institutions, damaging the image of soldiers or using military uniform to engage in illegal and criminal activities. 1t is also not allowed to hang the words “military supplies”, “military supplies” and “military products”

in this operation, if the units and individuals who violate the laws and regulations of military uniform management fail to rectify within the time limit, the relevant military and local departments will jointly organize investigation and punishment, confiscate the illegal articles and illegal income, order them to suspend business for rectification or revoke their business license, and impose a fine; 1f a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law to maintain the normal order of the supervision and administration of military uniforms and military products

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