Labor insurance supermarket of chemical fertilizer plant is popular

The variety and unit price of labor insurance will be published on the local area network, so that the employees can choose according to their needs. This innovative move of Hubei chemical fertilizer plant is welcomed by the employees< Since March this year, Hubei chemical fertilizer plant has started the "supermarket" simulation management of labor protection. The labor protection products of the labor protection supermarket are divided into washing products, summer and winter protective products. The washing products are added with washing liquid, shampoo and shower gel, and the summer and winter protective products are added with sun hat and cold proof gloves. The samples and unit price are provided by Hubei chemical fertilizer material supply department. Each unit submits the labor insurance demand plan included in the "supermarket" management through ERP system every quarter. The material supply department signs a framework agreement with the supplier once a year according to the order, and checks out once a quarter< 1t is reported that the simulated operation of "labor insurance supermarket" of Hubei chemical fertilizer plant is good in the first quarter, and 29 samples of various types will be provided in the second quarter. Although the workload of statistics and ordering has increased significantly, the operation mode of "1 am the master of labor insurance" has been highly praised by employees

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