Labor insurance supervision protects the rights and interests of migrant workers

Since the beginning of this year, labor supervision departments at all levels in Guigang City have investigated and dealt with 183 cases of wage arrears for migrant workers, and recovered 13.32 million yuan of wages owed for 1995 migrant workers. This is one of the highlights of the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security in actively carrying out labor and social security supervision with “safeguarding rights, maintaining stability and promoting development” as the main line of work

carry out written material review and implement labor employment record. The city examined 536 written materials submitted by employers, involving 55600 workers

accept complaints and protect legitimate rights and interests. The city has dealt with 679 complaints and reports from the masses, and investigated and dealt with a large number of illegal acts, such as defaulting on workers’ wages, failing to conclude labor contracts according to law, illegally collecting mortgage money, and failing to participate in social insurance, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Among them, 271 cases were filed and 271 cases were closed, with a closing rate of 100%

carry out daily inspection and strengthen employment supervision. The city’s labor supervision institutions have stepped up their daily inspection of the employing units, urged the employing units to sign labor contracts with workers, participated in social insurance in accordance with the law, found and corrected the illegal acts of the employing units in a timely manner, and standardized the employment behavior of enterprises. A total of 1525 employers were actively inspected, and 120 illegal behaviors of employers were corrected in time, involving 101700 workers. Employers were ordered to sign labor contracts with 12700 workers

special inspection to rectify illegal activities. Special law enforcement inspection activities such as “migrant workers’ wage payment”, “human resources market rectification”, “employers’ compliance with labor and social insurance laws and regulations”, “social insurance fund expansion collection” were organized and carried out. A total of 1160 employers were inspected, 136 correction instructions were issued within a time limit, and 136 illegal labor and social security behaviors were corrected

pay arrears and maintain stability. We organized and carried out special inspection activities on the payment of migrant workers’ wages, especially on the construction sites, construction labor enterprises and “two high” (Expressway and high-speed railway) projects that use more migrant workers. 1n the special inspection activities, 61 cases of wage arrears of migrant workers have been investigated and dealt with, and 4.85 million yuan of wages have been deducted for 1055 migrant workers, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers and the social harmony and stability of Guigang City

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