labor protection appliances must be checked

Safety helmet “one press, one pit”; High altitude “Spider Man” relies on an ordinary hemp rope to hang his body in mid air; The workers working in the dust are wearing ordinary masks with a few cents; Welders pick up a piece of waste glass as an “eye mask”…

some labor protection articles are not up to standard in quality, and even there are some fake and inferior products. 1n addition, enterprises are “fussy” when distributing labor protection articles, regardless of workers’ health, and even cause occupational diseases or endanger their lives

labor protection supplies are not furnishings, to really play a protective role, and have to check the ring to give awesome power. Br / >
in the production process, we should not cut corners and strictly follow the national standards. When purchasing and distributing labor protection articles, enterprises should not make small calculations and save money, such as wearing strong and expensive safety helmets for leaders, wearing “one press, one pit” and cheap safety helmets for workers. 1n terms of design, the labor protection products should be upgraded, so that the mask is dust-proof and not stuffy, and the safety helmet is strong and light

the regulatory authorities should keep their eyes wide open, and do not let the labor insurance products become the “disaster area” of fake and shoddy products, and do not let the enterprises play tricks when distributing the labor insurance products. Workers should also develop the habit of wearing protective equipment, don’t feel troublesome, and be responsible for their own health and life

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