Labor protection appliances, reheat also need to use

“Xiao Zhang, how do you wear casual pants? Xiao Huang, why don’t you wear labor protection shoes

“it’s too hot to wear tooling.” Xiao Zhang and Xiao Wang answered with one voice

“when working in hot weather, you must also wear labor protection articles. This is a safety regulation and self-protection! You know, in production, there are many cases of injury or even disability caused by not wearing labor protection articles according to the regulations because of the cold. We must take warning! You two go back and come back. Remember, if you don’t wear all kinds of labor protection equipment, don’t come to work Liu Zhanjun, the monitor, said in a more emphatic tone

this was witnessed by the author in the duty room of Weigang oil transportation station of Xiangyang Oil Transportation Department of Sinopec pipeline storage and transportation company at 7:30 a.m. on June 16

five minutes later, the two employees criticized by monitor Liu put on their work pants and shoes and trotted back to the duty room. Then, Liu Zhanjun reminded the five on duty personnel at the scene: “no matter who goes out of the duty room to operate equipment, carry out production and maintenance, patrol the key parts and conduct oil testing, they must wear safety helmets, protective gloves and masks.”

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