Labor protection articles are divided into several categories

Labor protection equipment, namely labor protection equipment, is a kind of necessary defensive equipment to protect the life safety and personal health of workers in the production process, which plays a very important role in reducing occupational hazards

labor protection articles are mainly divided into head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, foot protection, fall protection and protective clothing, etc

head protection mainly includes safety helmet, miner’s cap, anti-collision cap, medical operation cap, working cap, protective headgear, etc

eye and face protection mainly includes protective eye mask, protective face mask, welding protective face mask, welding goggles, anti laser goggles, radiation goggles, anti impact eye protectors, etc

hearing protection: anti noise earplug, anti noise earmuff

respiratory protection: dust mask, gas mask, medical mask, respirator, mask, etc

hand protection: acid and alkali resistant gloves, anti cutting gloves, anti-skid gloves, insulating gloves for live working, welding gloves, shock resistant gloves, cold resistant gloves, static (conductive) gloves, etc

foot protection: safety shoes, electric insulating shoes, insulating boots, fire shoes, anti-static shoes, high temperature protective shoes, low temperature environment protective shoes, etc

fall protection: safety belt, safety rope, safety net, etc

protective clothing: anti chemical clothing, anti-static clothing, anti acid and alkali clothing, anti oil and water repellent clothing, medical clothing, welding clothing, waterproof clothing, protective apron, etc

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