Labor protection articles are often ignored

The hazards existing in the workplace do not cause death, injury and disease every day, which often gives the production personnel an illusion that labor protection articles (labor protection shoes, anti smashing safety shoes) are not needed. Therefore, it is very necessary to improve the safety awareness of the operators and strengthen the management combined with the corresponding management means. For example: for the power production personnel, the safety measures to prevent electric shock injury in the construction include: grounding protection, insulation protection, leakage protection, etc., and when the above protection fails at the same time, the operator’s insulating clothing, insulating gloves, insulating shoes and other labor protection articles (labor protection shoes, anti smashing safety shoes) become the final safety barrier to protect the operator. For the substation workplace, the staff are required to wear anti electromagnetic radiation clothing during operation, test and maintenance, and wear power frequency electromagnetic field automatic warning device during inspection.

all full-time (Part-time) safety management personnel should inspect different workplaces regularly to identify hidden dangers and unsafe behaviors, including checking whether there is no use of labor protection articles in the positions where labor protection articles are needed. The safety inspector must correct the wrong behavior immediately after finding the problem, and write a written record of the unsafe situation. We should encourage the workers who use the labor protection articles correctly, criticize and educate the workers who don’t use the labor protection articles, and persevere

before supervision and inspection, personnel training, inspection plan, checklist and other preparations should be well done, the purpose, scope, time and participants of the inspection should be clearly defined, and the problems found in the inspection should be rectified in time. Summarize and evaluate the results, and put forward improvement objectives for each link according to the situation of unsuitable, imperfect, unsatisfied, insufficient, etc. in combination with the resource situation of the unit. Through the improvement bit by bit, gradually achieve the ideal state

labor protection equipment is an important part of labor protection work, and it is an important defense line and barrier to ensure the life safety and health of production personnel. Only by establishing a people-oriented concept, maintaining a sense of crisis at any time, and treating with foresight, can enterprises and employees effectively avoid all kinds of accidents, and can they talk about safe production and harmonious and orderly production

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