Labor protection articles can’t change “taste”

Labor protection articles are articles to isolate dangerous factors and are effective protective measures taken by enterprises to protect the personal safety of employees. Our employees use and contact them every day. Labor protection articles have become the most important line of defense to protect employees’ lives, protect enterprise property and ensure safe production, We can often see some workers at work, big shoes as slippers, safety helmets as benches, work clothes as capes, protective glasses as decorations. When they encounter safety inspection, they are busy and at a loss. They regard labor protection articles as a kind of “burden” and accessories, 1t has become a dangerous source affecting production safety

the labor protection articles of employees in each industry are different, so there is a certain reason when they should use them and when they can’t. For example: the same gloves, for the driver this post, it can play a protective role, but to the machining post, it becomes a potential accident. Therefore, the correct use of safety protection products is the key to ensure the safety of safety products. Moreover, to ensure the intact rate of labor protection articles is also an important measure to make them play a protective role. 1n practical work, many of our work can only be better completed with the help of labor protection articles. Sometimes, in order to seize the time and task, and affected by adverse environmental factors, we ignore whether it is damaged, ineffective, and whether it meets the standards. As a result, the use of protective articles directly threatens the life safety of employees, 1t has become an important factor to induce accidents

therefore, our employees should be truly aware of the importance of labor protection articles at all times, take them as the patron saint of our lives, and never let them lose their due role and significance in use

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