labor protection articles: the last barrier to occupational health

Labor protection articles are the last guarantee for employees’ occupational health. Labor protection articles is a broad concept, which is a general term of daily articles beneficial to personal safety protection and physical and mental health. 1n the construction, construction and other industries, when workers have to contact with dust, noise, electrical welding and other occupational hazards, they should strictly wear and use labor protection appliances

workers exposed to dust should try to reduce the dust concentration during construction, and the workers should wear dust masks correctly. The processing equipment used in construction shall be equipped with dust removal device. Workers working in high-density dust environment for a long time must wear protective masks; During the construction, operators of electric welding should pay attention to the ventilation of construction environment or set up local smoke exhaust equipment. By improving the welding technology, the welding operation can be mechanized and automated, and people and welding environment can be isolated, so as to fundamentally eliminate the harm of welding operation to human body; When carrying out the construction work with high noise, the construction personnel should correctly wear protective earmuffs and reduce the time of noise operation. 1f headache, tinnitus and other symptoms are caused by strong noise operation, the operation shall be stopped immediately and other personnel shall be informed for treatment. 1f the symptoms are serious, the emergency rescue team shall be contacted and sent to the medical institution for treatment

how to protect rights if you are suffering from occupational diseases? The Municipal Bureau of work safety reminds that in addition to enjoying work-related injury insurance according to law, occupational disease patients can also claim compensation from employers according to civil law. The scope of tort compensation is limited to making up for the actual losses of workers, that is, the mode of supplementary compensation is adopted. After obtaining the work-related injury insurance, the laborer can put forward this proposition to the employer

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during the investigation, the Municipal Bureau of work safety found that many of the gauze masks purchased by employers or used by workers are not dust-proof. The State Economic and Trade Commission issued the “labor protection equipment standard (Trial)” in 2000 clearly requires that “gauze masks shall not be used as dust masks”, because the general cotton gauze masks can only block part of the dust, and its dust suppression principle is mechanical filtration, that is, when the dust collides with the gauze, some large particles of dust will be blocked in the sand cloth through layer by layer barrier. However, some fine dust, especially the dust less than 5 microns, will pass through the mesh of gauze and enter the respiratory system. The dust less than 5 microns can directly enter the alveoli, which has the greatest impact on human health. Wearing more layers will not enhance the protective effect

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