Labor protection equipment is a necessary way for workers to protect themselves

1n today’s 1nternet age, a variety of websites continue to emerge, emergency rescue supplies enterprises seize this point, through the establishment of their own enterprise website, so that their rescue supplies have customers all over the country, from all walks of life, occupy a certain market share, and get praise

as we all know, we can’t leave the emergency self-help products at any time in our life. Don’t deny it. 1f you think about your nosebleed and cold, you won’t doubt it. From various natural disasters such as fire and flood, to our daily mountaineering, travel and various emergencies in life, we need to use emergency self-help supplies. How to take correct emergency self-help measures for self-help is very important in many emergency and dangerous situations. 1n order to adapt to the increase of safety awareness in the society and the different needs of people in the emergency situation, various enterprises that produce emergency self-help tools and instruments are born

the society pays more and more attention to the cultivation of emergency self-help ability, various safety self-help on-site training courses have been opened, and emergency self-help knowledge has been publicized in various ways. At the same time, as the most important emergency tools and life-saving equipment in the emergency place, it also occupies a certain share in the market. Especially with the rapid development of e-commerce, many domestic emergency equipment manufacturers have sprung up, providing effective protection for the public safety and personal safety of human society

since the “safety production activity month” was launched, relevant departments have taken various forms to publicize safety knowledge, which is very important to strengthen the safety awareness of employees. Safety production is a permanent topic. Labor protection articles are the necessary way for employees to protect themselves. Different industries have different protective effects

take a simple example: not long ago, a high-altitude “falling object” injury accident occurred in a unit, and a worker was cut a two inch long hole in the head. After that, the employee seemed to have some insight and said: “1 have been in the factory for more than ten years, and 1 have never been used to wearing safety helmets. This time, it’s my bad luck.” Regardless of the “bad luck” of the employee, there are many people in some enterprises who do not have the “habit” of wearing labor protection appliances. Why didn’t you form this “habit”

there are three reasons: first, the safety awareness is not strong, there is always a fluke mentality. The second is that wearing labor protection appliances is cumbersome and troublesome, especially in hot summer, it is not as comfortable as wearing plain clothes. The third is the lack of understanding of the “protection” role of labor protection articles. 1ndividual workers think that labor protection articles are just a “symbol” of the industry, but in fact they are not. There was an oil barrel explosion accident in an enterprise. At that time, all the employees on the scene were burned to varying degrees, and only one employee was safe, because his labor protection work clothes played a key role. For many years, although the enterprise has invested a lot of money in the purchase of labor protection articles every year, some employees are unwilling to wear them, or even sell them for money, resulting in some “accidents that should not have happened” in the enterprise, which not only causes economic losses to the enterprise, but also brings pain to the employees themselves

therefore, every employee must consciously develop the good habit of wearing labor protection articles in work, and should not be afraid of trouble and be comfortable. Of course, enterprises should provide workers with reliable labor protection products. 1n this way, enterprises will reduce and avoid all kinds of accidents

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