Labor protection gloves are sold overseas, and the surplus rural labor force also has great achievements

The Environmental Protection Bureau of Suizhou Economic Development Zone has effectively utilized the idle resources in rural areas, made use of environmental protection as a matchmaker, married village enterprises, fully explored the surplus labor force of “helping and pairing” village groups, solved the employment problem of left behind women at home, and exported small labor protection gloves overseas, bringing visible income for farmers

these gloves are mainly sold to Africa, Europe and other places. Since they were officially put into production in July this year, orders have been increasing. 1n the company’s warehouse, boxes of finished gloves are stacked neatly, and the name and “made in China” are printed on the packing boxes. The products will be delivered to customers through the group company< According to Peng Mei, director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Development Zone, Jianshe village is a "pair aid" village with nearly 1000 households and about 4000 people. The Bureau actively contacted with Hubei Xincheng leather (Group) Co., Ltd. the enterprise invested more than 300000 yuan to rebuild the idle village primary school buildings on the spot, install more than 50 sets of equipment, and train more than 100 women on the job, which not only solved the problem of surplus rural labor force, but also solved the problem of difficult employment for enterprises. The villagers have an annual income of more than 10000 yuan China labor insurance net

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