Labor protection gloves used in hardware machinery industry

Many industries will use labor protection products in the production process. The selection and distribution of these products are quite particular

gloves are generally used. To prevent hand injury in production, it is necessary to choose appropriate gloves. For example, gauze gloves are commonly used in many industries in heavy environment in industries such as hardware machinery or chemical industry. They are the first choice for many enterprises because they are easy to wear, reasonable price and long service life

it is mainly distinguished by gram weight and roving. The thicker the gram weight is, the denser the spinning is. 1t is selected according to the different use environment of customers

there is also an anti cutting glove: it is mainly used to prevent human hands from being scratched in the production process. 1t is a kind of metal glove. Steel gloves are made of numerous small rings. 1ts function is to protect hands from being cut during the operation of cutting machinery. 1t can be divided into three fingers and five fingers. Zhongfang provides labor protection gloves, such as cotton gloves, anti cutting gloves, yarn gloves, nitrile gloves, etc., which are the preferred products for customers

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