Labor protection join hands with safety technology to seek the development tactics of labor safety

On the afternoon of June 25, 2014, the provincial National Defense Science and Technology 1ndustry Union and the Dujiangyan Federation of trade unions signed agreements with Sichuan Academy of safety science and technology in Chengdu to jointly carry out the work of popularizing occupational safety knowledge and compiling the notification Manual of preventive measures in the production of dangerous chemicals and cement, so as to provide scientific and systematic scientific and technological support and intellectual support for the labor safety work of the industry

the Provincial Federation of trade unions and the Academy of safety sciences have successfully carried out cooperation projects such as dust explosion, n-hexane safety warning, coal mine group safety management mode research and so on. Today, the joint efforts of the Provincial Federation of trade unions and the Academy of safety Sciences mark the extension of the labor protection work of the front-line employees in Sichuan from the traditional work safety protection to the scientific protection, and it is another example of practicing the mass line in safety production and exploring the mass safety work

to protect the life and property of workers is not only the basic requirement of the government’s work safety, but also the fundamental task of trade union organizations. As a member of Sichuan 1ndustrial Trade Union, the provincial National Defense Science and technology industry union attaches great importance to the labor protection of the front-line employees of the national defense science and technology industry; Dujiangyan City has Lafarge, Shuangma and other large-scale cement production enterprises. How to ensure the labor safety of the front-line workers in the cement industry has always been an important work content of Dujiangyan Federation of trade unions. As the main support force of safety science and technology in the whole province, the Provincial Academy of safety science and technology has carried out a lot of fruitful work by adhering to the responsibility of invigorating safety through science and technology, taking scientific and technological innovation as the means, and taking solving practical safety problems as the starting point and foothold

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