Labor protection of dust operation

The solid particles suspended in the air produced in industrial production are called industrial dust. 1f not controlled, it will damage the working environment, endanger the health of workers, damage machinery and equipment, and pollute the atmospheric environment The maximum allowable concentration of dust in the air of workshop is stipulated in the hygienic standard for the design of industrial enterprises

three level protection principle should be adopted in the labor protection management of dust operation:

first level prevention: 1. Comprehensive dust prevention. The production process and equipment should be reformed, and the manual operation should be changed into mechanized, airtight, automatic and remote control operation; Materials with no or low content of free silica should be used as far as possible; 1f the process permits, wet operation should be adopted as far as possible; Use personal dust-proof equipment and do a good job in personal protection2. Regularly detect the dust concentration in the working environment to reach the allowable range specified in the national standard. 3. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the workers shall be given physical examination before employment, and those with occupational contraindications, underage workers and female workers shall not be arranged to engage in the work within the scope of contraindications. 4. Strengthen publicity and education, popularize the basic knowledge of dust prevention. 5. Strengthen the maintenance and management of the dust removal system to keep it in good and effective condition

secondary prevention: establish a special dust prevention organization, formulate dust prevention planning and system; Health examination must be carried out for the workers who are newly engaged in dust operations; Workers who are engaged in dust work must be given regular health examination, and those who are not suitable for dust work should be transferred out in time

three level prevention: for workers who have been diagnosed with pneumoconiosis, they should be transferred from their original posts in time to arrange treatment or recuperation

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