Labor protection shoes get a free ride from e-commerce

With the emergence of mobile 1nternet 4G, e-commerce mode will open a new platform, labor protection products industry is increasingly aware of the importance of e-commerce marketing mode, a number of new industry e-commerce platforms such as labor protection library have sprung up

27 year old Liu Wenchao is well-known in Gaomi. There are more than 2000 labor protection shoe stores on taobao.com, and his online store ranks eighth with 2073 monthly sales. On closer inspection, we will find that the online store ranking in front of Liu Wenchao has a much richer sales category. 1n addition to labor protection shoes, it also includes labor protection gloves, safety helmet, work clothes, etc., while he only sells 21 kinds of labor protection shoes

the production of labor protection shoes is a traditional industry in Gaomi City. Liu Wenchao’s family has been running a labor protection shoe factory for some years. 1n 2008, Liu Wenchao, a sophomore, opened an online shop with his Taobao account to sell his own labor protection shoes because he didn’t have enough money to live on. He could earn about 1000 yuan a day on average. When the business was good, he could net 7000-8000 yuan a day. Liu Wenchao, who has tasted the sweetness, considered moving to tmall, the upgraded version of Taobao. “Tmall focuses on brand and authentic products, with higher browsing and trust. 1 think it will promote sales.” Shortly after graduating from University, Liu Wenchao opened tmall flagship store< At present, Liu Wenchao's online sales involve many e-commerce platforms, mainly Taobao and tmall. Online sales account for about 30% - 40% of the total sales, which is roughly the same as the general level of the same industry" Don't underestimate this figure. The profit of online sales is very high, accounting for 70% of the total profit. " Liu Wenchao said that the original offline market was mostly old customers with large volume but low profit; E-commerce is mainly retail, and its profit is much higher than offline. 1n addition, e-commerce combines information technology with business activities to communicate with customers in a timely and convenient manner, which is conducive to reducing operating costs and expanding profit margins the continuous downturn of physical retail industry and the continuous warming of online shopping make “online shopping” an inevitable choice for physical retailers. On the road of “touching the net”, some have made small achievements, some have left the scene in dismay, and some are brewing a comeback. How should the traditional retail industry touch the 1nternet? How to choose the right model? Everything remains to be seen the labor insurance industry is developing rapidly. How to combine and match online and offline organically to make the product sales win the maximum profit is still a problem that we need to think about and solve for a long time in the future copyright notice: This is the original article of the website reporter. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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