Labor protection shoes that can’t be ignored

Recently, when a tower crane lifted 500kg of heavy objects 30cm above the ground in Daqing City, the hook steel rope buckle suddenly slipped, and the heavy objects pressed on the left feet of two migrant workers. As a result, three toes of one migrant worker’s left foot were crushed and fractured, and the other migrant worker’s toes were not injured due to wearing labor protection shoes. Afterwards, the migrant worker said, “it’s these labor protection shoes that saved my feet.”

nevertheless, individual employees of some enterprises are still not aware of the safety protection function of labor protection shoes, and they are not willing to wear labor protection shoes during construction. There are some people who think that the style of labor protection shoes is not beautiful, and they look fat and not good-looking when they are worn on the feet; Second, they think that the labor protection shoes are bulky, the soles are hard, and they are not as convenient and flexible as other shoes. This kind of wrong understanding is a manifestation of the great neglect of self safety

everyone has a love for beauty. However, it is not appropriate to pay attention to the beauty of clothing regardless of their own safety during construction. Although the appearance of the labor protection shoes is not as good as the shoes bought in the market, its role in protecting personal safety cannot be underestimated

first, the arched steel plate at the tip of the labor protection shoes has strong resistance to heavy impact and smashing. Even if there is heavy impact on the shoes, the steel plate will not deform, and the front of the sole and toes will not be injured

Second, there are teeth on the bottom of the labor protection shoes, which have good anti-skid performance, and will not wrestle when walking or working on smooth ground

thirdly, the soles of labor protection shoes are thick and have strong puncture resistance< Fourthly, the leather shoes also have the functions of anti-static, anti acid and alkali corrosion China labor insurance net

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