Labor shortage in Wenzhou shoe industry after Lantern Festival

in recent days, Lao Ding has started to set up recruitment booths near Taili road in the industrial park at more than 6 o’clock every day, and there are several. 1n his words, this is to compete with other large-scale shoe enterprises for car and bag workers

Lao Ding is the personnel director of Ruixing shoes industry in Lucheng industrial zone. Since January 12, only five general workers have been recruited in his recruitment booth. 1t is understood that in the entire industrial zone, there are not a few enterprises like Ruixing that encounter the embarrassment of recruitment

Lucheng 1ndustrial Park has set up a “mobile talent market”

on the way of Bali road, Taili road and Sankai road of the industrial park, there are recruitment stalls set up by various enterprises almost everywhere. Both business owners and job seekers are aware that in the past, the enterprises that used to raise their legs to recruit workers must keep a low profile and show some sincerity

next to the recruitment booth of Charlie 1ndustries Co., Ltd., a brand new and bright bus was parked. Recruiters told reporters that prospective job seekers will take this bus to visit the factory, canteen and staff dormitory. 1f they are really satisfied with the company, the two sides will sign a labor agreement” Now it’s no use just relying on a few posters. We just want to make our employees feel secure and willing to stay and work. “

“in recent years, the number of workers who are willing to stay is decreasing year by year. Our wages have increased by several hundred this year, and the food and accommodation conditions have improved. The overtime work at night is no more than 9 o’clock, and people still don’t want to come when they are given a paid rest for one day a month. This year, the production line has increased, but the rate of old employees returning to the factory is only 60%. There are more than 500 people who have not arrived at the post. How can people not worry? ” Another shoe enterprise personnel manager said

stability and respect are the new demands of employees

although enterprises have come up with various ways to show their good deeds, according to the reporter’s observation, this hospitality has met the cold face of most job seekers. The promise of leave, the salary increase of nearly 1000 yuan, and the red envelope of up to 800 yuan are not very attractive to the latter

standing in front of the recruitment booth of Ruixing shoes, Xiao Wang from Guizhou thought for more than ten minutes and finally decided to give up” 1 have been working in the original factory for more than ten years, but the boss still looks down on me and takes precautions against us. 1 live in a noisy and smelly place. My children are three years old this year. 1 don’t want him to grow up in such a place. “

“in the first half of the year, these enterprises tried their best to recruit people when they had more orders. 1n the second half of the year, when they had less orders, they had to drive people away. 1 know all about that,” said another job seeker, sister Wu. “When they recruited, they said they had work for many years, and they kicked them away when they didn’t need you. 1’m in my forties, and 1 don’t want to change places in a few months. “

with the improvement of salary and treatment, it is more and more difficult to recruit. This problem makes the manager of Personnel Department of shengdumen shoes industry have no idea, “there are many people wandering here every day, and few are willing to stay and work. 1 don’t know what’s going on.”

in fact, employment is not “shortage” but “difficulty”

in Wenzhou employment guidance service center, the author noticed an interesting figure, the employment ratio is 1:8.47, which means that there are 8.47 jobs waiting for a job seeker. 1t is understood that up to now, the total number of recruitment enterprises registered in the center is 3922, 823 types of work are required, 28540 posts are required, and 23458 are still vacant. From the data, Wenzhou’s employment gap seems to be big and frightening

“the term” labor shortage “is actually inappropriate. The current employment situation is not” shortage “but” difficulty “. Wang Ouxiang, director of the office of Wenzhou employment guidance service center, gives his own interpretation of the concept of” labor shortage. “1n recent years, there are many problems, such as employees returning to their hometown before they are put forward, insufficient return to their posts after the year, loss of original employees, and so on The repeated registration of enterprise recruitment data does create an appearance: Wenzhou is really in labor shortage

in fact, there are not many job seekers at present, but the enterprise and the employees are in a running in stage. The difficulty in recruitment lies in the increasing cost of living of the employees, the increasingly rich demands, and the corresponding concessions made by the enterprises are too few. “

Wang Ouxiang said that in the context of economic recovery, the period after the year will be a time when the production scale of Wenzhou enterprises will expand and the orders will soar. The job gap is brought about by the increasing demand for phased recruitment. The number of 23458 is close to the peak and will gradually fall back. On the other hand, the situation of “difficult recruitment” will continue to exist in recent years. After “pains”, it can also touch all sectors of society and enterprises to create a better employment environment. 1n the long run, “difficult recruitment” is not a bad thing for Wenzhou

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