laboratory safety month started, and the first personal protective equipment safety lecture was held

On Novembe3, “personal protective equipment safety lecture” was held in Xuhui campus. Xu Hongyong, director of safety office, presided over the activity. Deng Mingda, lecturer of 3M China Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on “laboratory chemical hazard assessment and respiratory protection”. Nearly 100 teachers and students from the school of materials and the school of biotechnology attended the lecture

“can you wear a mask?” A simple question, but the answer is not simple. Nearly 100 teachers and students in our school have learned how to wear masks correctly under the guidance of 4 professional lecturers from personal safety protection product department of 3M China Co., Ltd. 1n the safety inspection of our school, it is found that 29% of the potential safety hazards are related to the nonstandard wearing of personal protective equipment. Therefore, how to guide teachers and students to choose and wear personal protective equipment correctly has become the first activity of the “laboratory safety month”

starting from laboratory risk identification and laboratory safety accidents in Colleges and universities in recent years, Deng Mingda explained the limitations of human respiratory system and respiratory defense system, the classification and toxicity of air pollutants, and elaborated the importance of reasonable laboratory layout, standardized use of fume hood and ventilation hood, and correct wearing of personal protective equipment. Finally, Deng Mingda demonstrated the standard operating rules of wearing respirator correctly for teachers and students. The on-site Q & A and interaction aroused the curiosity and curiosity of teachers and students. Everyone said that through the special lecture, we learned how to identify the dangerous and harmful factors in the laboratory, how to identify the exposure level and how to take control measures. The demonstration of Mr. Deng corrected the wrong method of wearing respirator for many years. This lecture enhanced my safety awareness and gained a lot< 1t is reported that the laboratory safety month will also hold chemical leakage emergency drill, nuclear radiation emergency drill, gas cylinder safety knowledge lecture, BASF chemical open day and other activities, and three special trainings on the use of "laboratory safety management software" will be carried out in succession

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