Lama fire brigade protects Puning Temple for 28 years

1n Puning Temple, the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in northern China, a fire brigade composed of 42 lamas guards the world cultural heritage day and night. 1n the past 28 years, there has never been a fire in Puning Temple

Puning Temple was built in 1775 and has a history of more than 200 years. 1n 1986, with the strong support of Chengde fire brigade, Puning Temple established the first Lama fire brigade in China, which implemented a 24-hour duty system to investigate fire hazards day by day

“the buildings in Puning Temple are all wooden structures, and the biggest fire hazard is the incense of worshiping Buddha and the sea lantern in the temple.” Zhang Zhong, deputy director of Puning Temple Management Office, told reporters that the focus of work is not on fire fighting, but on “prevention”. The Sutra flags hanging in the hall need to be soaked in flame retardant. The bucket is full of clean water at any time. 1n case of small fire, it can be put out in time

Bai Huquan, head of Lama fire brigade, said: “every year, we hold a fire drill to improve our fire emergency capability. Every year, the new lamas should not only understand the rules and regulations of the temple and the related knowledge of cultural relics protection, but also learn the knowledge of fire safety. “

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