Langfang workers without helmet injured cervical spine

Recently, a migrant worker fell from a half meter high shelf at a construction site in the city, causing cervical spine injury and requiring hospitalization

at 10:30 am on the 10th, a man surnamed Shao was sent to the emergency department of the municipal hospital. 1t is understood that the man is a worker at a construction site, usually responsible for some chores. On that day, he was working on a shelf half meters above the ground, but he did not wear a helmet. A board fell from the sky on his head, and then the man fell to the ground in an inverted position. At that time, the man felt numbness in his hands, like needle pricking pain, followed by sensory disorders

the doctor on duty put on the neck bracket for him. After examination, the man’s cervical spine injury was confirmed and he needed to be hospitalized

doctors remind that many migrant workers are injured because there are no corresponding safety measures, such as not wearing safety helmets, not wearing safety ropes, once the head is hit or fell, the injury is usually serious and the treatment time is long. On the one hand, it is suggested that the relevant departments pay attention to safety, on the other hand, the workers on the construction site should improve their own safety awareness and wear safety helmets in time

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