Lanjing thermal protection fiber appears in Leipzig Exhibition

recently, the firemen’s protective clothing made of Lanjing thermal protective fiber was ceremoniously displayed at the five-year inter Schutz exhibition in Leipzig, Germany. Lanjing also held a press conference to show the organizational structure of its protective clothing for the first time. Leipzig is the largest professional trade fair in fire fighting and life saving products industry. Professor herfried pessenhofer from Graz Medical University conducted a research on the theme of “powerful functionality of materials”. 1n the experiment, he tested the protective clothing of Lanjing thermal protective fiber, and compared it with other protective clothing. The results showed that Lanjing thermal protective fabric showed better physiological wearing advantages because of its moisture management function. 1t is reported that this year is the 45th year of lanjingmudale, and its total output has reached 1 million tons

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