Lanlanhai is the first company to launch anti-static lining in line with the standard of gb12014-2009

At about 10:30 a.m. on June 18, a violent explosion occurred in dongtun fireworks factory, Lutai Town, Huaiyang County, Henan Province. Five people died on the spot, two died and 12 were injured. The injured were sent to the hospital for rescue. On August 16 last year, the Zhenxing fireworks factory of Heilongjiang Yichun Huali 1ndustrial Co., Ltd. also had an explosion. The explosion resulted in 20 deaths, 4 missing, 153 injured and hospitalized, including 14 seriously injured. Tragedy once again, in memory of the lost life at the same time, we have to reflect on the causes of its occurrence. According to the author’s understanding, in 2011, the storage and transportation tank of PetroChina in Dalian caught fire and exploded. According to people familiar with the scene, the explosion was caused by electrostatic fire during the operation of the staff. So, will the explosion in Huaiyang County, Henan Province also be caused by static electricity? This is just the author’s guess, and it needs to be investigated by relevant departments. 1n fact, our life and production are all connected with static electricity, which directly or potentially brings different degrees of harm to people from all aspects. According to the analysis of experts, most of the fire accidents in gunpowder, chemical industry, medicine, petroleum, coal and other workplaces are caused by the electrostatic discharge generated by human activities exceeding the safety limit and the occasional spark discharge. According to statistics, from 1960 to 1973, there were 166 oil loading accidents caused by static electricity in the United States; There are about 100 electrostatic fires in Japan every year, and about 20% of them are caused by human electrification. The generation of static electricity is closely related to the texture of clothing worn by human body, the intensity of activity, the type of labor tools used, the conductivity of the ground, and the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. Anti static overalls have the function of providing electrostatic shielding for human body, eliminating or reducing electrostatic hazards. They are widely used in dangerous fields such as electric shock, fire or explosion. As an important part of occupational safety protection, anti-static has always been the focus of attention. This requires the relevant anti-static fabric and clothing manufacturers to provide more and better anti-static protection products, so as to become the protective god of occupational safety protection. Zhejiang lantianhai company, which has nearly 20 years of professional experience in the field of occupational safety protection, has always taken “giving safety, health and comfort to industrious and intelligent industrial workers” as the company’s vision since its establishment, and is engaged in the cause of occupational safety protection together with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. Blue sky and sea deeply know that occupational safety protection is related to the life safety of industrial workers. 1f we do our products well, we can reduce occupational injuries, which is a good thing to do. 1n 2011, lanlanlanhai launched the anti-static occupational safety protective fabrics that meet the class a standard of anti-static clothing (gb12014-2009), becoming one of the few domestic enterprises that can produce class a anti-static fabrics. 1n order to change the non prohibited practice that the fabric is in accordance with the standard of gb12014-2009 while lining is in accordance with the standard of gb12014-1989 or GB / t23316-2009 when the relevant enterprises are making anti-static clothing of gb12014-2009, lanlanhai is the first company to launch the anti-static 210t lining in line with the standard of anti-static clothing of gb12014-2009 after less than a year Relevant laws and regulations, such as safety regulations for surface mining of coalbed methane, general guidelines for preventing static electricity of fireworks and firecrackers, make safety protection to the extreme. Blue sky sea has unique “eight professional advantages” and strict “eight production requirements”, which provides a guarantee for the stability of anti-static occupational safety protection performance of Lanxiang fabric. Good fabric is the foundation. At the same time, we also need to tell customers how to make and use anti-static clothing correctly. For example, in gb12014-2009 “anti static clothing”, it is strictly required that the lining of clothing should be made of anti-static fabric, and the area of pocket and reinforcing cloth of non-static fabric should be less than 20% of the inner area of anti-static clothing; 1t is forbidden to wear or take off anti-static clothes in the workplace; 1t is forbidden to attach or wear any metal objects on the anti-static clothing; 1t is forbidden to comb hair and pat anti-static clothes in the workplace; When wearing anti-static clothing, it must be worn together with anti-static shoes and other supporting protective products specified in relevant standards. Only by doing a solid foundation work, can we ensure the maximum function of occupational safety protection of anti-static clothing

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