Lanxiang fabric sales contract starts from 3m

As the largest and most professional supplier of anti-static occupational safety protective fabrics in China, Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development and promotion of anti-static occupational safety protective fabrics for nearly 20 years, 1n the industry, it has formed a unique quality assurance system of anti-static safety protective fabric with “Lanxiang nine professional advantages” and “Lanxiang ten production requirements” as the main body” Lanxiang “brand has become a model fabric brand in China. Recently, the quality assurance mode of the sales contract of “Lanxiang” three meter fabric (a set of clothing fabric) in Zhejiang lantianhai has made a quality assurance commitment for each meter of fabric, and provided customers with “precautions for printing and dyeing of Lanxiang grey fabric” or “precautions for the use of Lanxiang color fabric”, 1n order to ensure the permanent stability of “Lanxiang” Fabric Anti-static safety protection performance

in the process of more than 20 years of entrepreneurship, Zhejiang blue sky sea, with its professional, dedicated and innovative development ideas, has been striving to stay in the forefront of the industry. 1n strict accordance with the requirements of anti-static and safety protection function of gb12014-2009, the company has established a set of professional “Lanxiang” fabric function and quality monitoring means to monitor the fabric function and quality index of all links. 1n the whole process from conductive materials, raw materials, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, storage to use, blue sky Shanghai sends special personnel to supervise the process and production process and strictly control, Ensure that every meter of “Lanxiang” fabric reaches or even exceeds the national standard of gb12014-2009

on May 12, 2013, blue sky sea successfully held the “Lanxiang elsette” anti-static safety fabric hanging tag release ceremony in Tsinghua University, Beijing. So far, the quality assurance system of “Lanxiang” brand has been promoted to a new height. With the perfect fabric function and quality assurance system and the influence of “Lanxiang” brand in the industry, blue sky sea, with the joint support of a number of domestic testing, insurance, certification and other third-party authorities, issued “Lanxiang elsett” brand hanging fabric with anti-static and safety protection performance. The hangtag has formed a trinity “Lanxiang” brand system by gathering brand image display, function quality assurance, qualification and credit guarantee, and has provided “Lanxiang elsett” anti-static and safety hangtag surface material with high value for money for professional wear enterprises in a customized mode, 1t plays a leading role for domestic functional fabric manufacturers to fulfill the fabric function and quality responsibility” Lanxiang, as the first brand of anti-static safety protective fabric in China, conforms to the trend of enterprise transformation and upgrading, and is committed to building the “Lanxiang” brand into the first “created in China” anti-static safety protective hangtag fabric

the launch of “three meter Lanxiang fabric sales contract mode” not only reflects the anti-static safety protection function and quality confidence of “Lanxiang” brand, but also makes “Lanxiang” fabric more widely accept the strict supervision and test of customers and industrial workers, and promotes “Lanxiang” brand to make further progress in function, quality, qualification and brand construction

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