Lanxiang launches high stable occupational safety protective fabric conforming to class a standard of gb12014-2009

1n recent years, with the strengthening of national supervision and management of work safety, the state and relevant departments have successively issued or revised relevant laws and regulations on work safety. Professional clothing has been promoted from the original only as a representative of industry characteristics and corporate image to the core function of highlighting the role of occupational safety and health protection. Fabric is the core of professional wear. The quality of professional wear depends on the appearance and functional stability of fabric. As the largest and most professional supplier of anti-static occupational safety protective fabrics in China, Zhejiang lantianhai has made painstaking efforts in product development and process improvement, from providing qualified anti-static fabrics for industrial workers to providing permanent qualified occupational safety protective fabrics based on “tailor-made”. 1n 2011, lanlanlanhai launched the anti-static occupational safety protective fabrics that meet the class a standard of anti-static clothing (gb12014-2009), becoming one of the few domestic enterprises that can produce class a anti-static fabrics. The new standard of anti static clothing (GB 1124-2009) is based on the old standard of anti static clothing (GB 1124-1989) and referred to the EU standard. 1t was implemented on December 1, 2009. The new standard puts forward higher requirements for various technical indexes of Antistatic Fabrics, including the technical requirements for point-to-point resistance of fabrics. At the same time, considering the different requirements for antistatic performance in different occasions and industries, combining with the development direction of low-carbon economy, two standards of Grade A and grade B are formulated(Class a standard: 1.0 * 105 ~ 1.0 * 107 Ω ; Class B standard: 1.0 * 107 ~ 1.0 * 1011 Ω). At present, it is an important standard to measure an enterprise’s R & D strength whether it can produce anti-static fabrics that meet the standard of anti-static clothing (gb12014-2009), and the enterprises that can produce anti-static fabrics with class a standard and stable performance are rare in China. Recently, Lanxiang anti-static occupational safety protective fabric has reached a new level in product performance and stability. After being tested by the national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center, the measured point-to-point resistance of the fabric is 1.0 × one hundred and five Ω, Comply with the class a standard 1.0 of GB 112014-2009 anti static clothing × 105~1.0 × one hundred and seven Ω Standards. Note: at present, the point-to-point resistance test value of Lanxiang anti-static occupational safety protection fabric is 1.0 × one hundred and five Ω, 1t conforms to the class a standard of gb12014-2009

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