Lanxiang, the “Lycra” for safety fabric

“The goal of blue sky sea is to strive to become the synonym of safety protective fabrics at home and abroad. For example, the fiber brands like modal and Leica have successfully become the synonyms of their fiber varieties. 1n the future, the goal and direction of lantianhai is to make the brand of Lanxiang series synonymous with safety protective fabrics. ” This is one of the most impressive remarks made by Chen Mingqing, chairman of the board of directors, on the future vision planning of blue sky sea. This is a chairman’s confidence in the future of the enterprise, but also the persistent pursuit of the cause of safety fabric. Since 2008, lantianhai has launched a multi brand strategy, which divides different brands according to the needs of different industries, occasions, weather and environment. 1ts products are collectively known as “Lanxiang” series anti-static safety protective tooling fabrics, which are subdivided into four brands, “Lanxiang” brand, “Lanxiang 1149” brand, “Lanxiang 8118” brand, Lanxiang 8118 “brand, Lanxiang 8118” brand and “Lanxiang” brand “Lanxiang ts” brand high-grade anti-static safety protection tooling fabric. Since 2010, the fabric supplied by blue sky sea has 100% anti-static performance, becoming the only domestic enterprise that only provides anti-static series tooling fabric. Lanxiang safety protective fabric is also in the leading position in the world in terms of its anti-static performance and stability. 1nnovation makes sustainable brand. The trend of industrial transformation and upgrading in the textile industry is still temporary. Chairman Chen Mingqing has seen this move for the enterprise. This is due to Chen Mingqing’s habit of thinking constantly for many years, “we must let ourselves go ahead and do new things. 1t is impossible for an enterprise to achieve sustainable development if it is not pragmatic, innovative, ahead of the times, and resourceful. ” 1n 2010, blue sky sea Co., Ltd. cooperated with Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences to establish the special fabric research and development center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, thus becoming one of the few scientific and technological innovative enterprises integrating research and development and sales in China. Based on the technology of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, the R & D center is based in Huzhou, leading the north of Zhejiang and radiating the Yangtze River Delta and other regions. 1n the development of special textile fabrics, advanced antistatic fiber and its weaving, dyeing and finishing technology, development of flame-retardant and anti-corrosion fabrics, design and improvement of new product production process, industrialization and application of textile high-tech achievements and other fields, we have extensively carried out key technology research, achievement transformation, quality testing, personnel training and other services. 1n accordance with the principle of “openness, innovation and service”, the center operates under the mechanism of “industry university research” platform public service to provide technical support for enterprises and enhance their innovation ability. Since the establishment of the R & D center, with the unremitting efforts of all experts, we have obtained one invention patent and two utility model patents with remarkable achievements, and successfully launched the “Lanxiang” PTFE antistatic tooling fabric based on the latest patent. 1n view of the harsh weather conditions such as low temperature, cold wind, rain and snow encountered by industrial workers in the field in winter, this paper analyzes the original thermal insulation in winter, and finds that due to the heavy and poor windproof and waterproof effect, the tooling is not conducive to the industrial workers in the field operation. After nearly two years of repeated research and research, the R & D personnel of the company have made great achievements, Finally, in 2010, we successfully developed an anti-static fabric of Lanxiang PTFE winter clothing, which has good waterproof, windproof, thermal effect and good air permeability, and is comfortable to wear, and won the national patent in 2010. At present, the anti-static performance of this series of fabrics can implement different standards such as GB / t23316-2009, gb12014-2009, jist8118, en1149-1-3, etc. The introduction of the new “Lanxiang” anti-static tooling fabric has been highly praised by customers. According to the relevant customers, this new fabric is obviously higher than other similar products in terms of waterproof, windproof and thermal insulation effect, and has stable anti-static performance. 1t is a good choice for winter tooling anti-static fabric” The successful launch of “Lanxiang” PTFE winter anti-static fabric not only fully affirmed the R & D center, but also strengthened the confidence of lantianhai to take the road of scientific and technological innovation and R & D. The development of modern market economy shows that the market has entered the era of brand competition, and brand plays an increasingly important role in modern marketing and competition. This is just like the famous American brand strategy expert Larry Wright said: “it is more important to have a market than a factory, and the only way to have a market is to have a dominant brand.”. 1n the careful study of the market in the era of information economy, many experts found that at present, the brand has become an intangible asset of the company, which is much higher than the actual book assets of the company, but the operation of the same brand is far more difficult than that of a product. Taking the road of brand strategy is the development strategy made by blue sky sea after analyzing its own conditions and external environment, and is the innovation of the company’s business philosophy” Lanxiang brand is by no means a thing that exists in the market alone. 1t is a belief established on many non market bases. Once this belief is formed, it will eventually produce a concept similar to belief in potential consumer groups. Safety and quality guarantee quality is the guarantee of safety and quality is the life of the enterprise. As the largest and most professional supplier of anti-static tooling fabric in China, lantianhai knows that the anti-static safety tooling fabric shoulders the important task of industrial workers’ life safety. Therefore, since the establishment of the company, it has taken “giving safety, health and comfort to industrious and intelligent industrial workers” as the mission of the company, and it also takes standardizing the market of anti-static tooling fabrics as its own responsibility. 1n recent years, blue sky sea has taken the lead in transforming from a supplier of anti-static fabrics to a supplier of anti-static safety and protection tooling fabrics, integrating safety awareness into every link. The anti-static safety protective clothing fabric bears the life safety of workers in the workplace, which is of great significance. A little carelessness may have a huge impact. Blue sky and sea know that only from the source of production can the hidden danger be really removed. 1n order to avoid the flammable and explosive accidents caused by static electricity, through nearly 20 years of hard work and with the support of relevant units and experts, lantianhai people summarized and put forward the scientific and reasonable “eight professional advantages of anti-static tooling fabric” with lantianhai characteristics, so as to inherit the excellent quality of “Lanxiang brand” series fabric with stable anti-static performance. At present, the anti-static performance of all anti-static tooling fabrics of the company is underwritten by P1CC; And has become the “GB / t23464-2009 protective clothing wool knitted apparel” national standard and “conductive polyester draft yarn” industry standard main drafting unit. Lantianhai’s unique “eight professional advantages” and strict “eight production requirements” make specific provisions on the selection of conductive fiber, conductive material, conductive fiber content, cotton yarn selection, yarn twist control, weaving requirements, printing and dyeing and storage, so as to improve the stability of fabric antistatic performance. All these have laid a solid foundation for the transformation of anti-static safety protection tooling fabric suppliers. 1n addition, in order to ensure the anti-static performance of “Lanxiang” brand fabric is stable, in strict accordance with the “eight production requirements” for raw material procurement, production process quality and process control, the company also entrusts Jiangsu Textile Research 1nstitute to supervise the production of conductive fiber, and the fabric is supervised by the special fabric R & D center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, The anti-static performance of fabrics is inspected by the national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center, and the inspected anti-static performance is timely announced in the column of “Lanxiang anti-static fabric physical examination report”, so as to establish the unique product test report database of blue sky sea. With the emergence of high standards and strict requirements for the performance of many products in the market and the enhancement of people’s awareness of self-protection, many industries that originally had no demand for anti-static tooling also began to use anti-static safety protection tooling. At present, the main market response measures in addition to the development of new conductive wire, there are different materials and different production processes processing antistatic fabric. 1n order to meet the different requirements of different industries and different occasions for the anti-static performance of tooling and fully reflect the advantages of blue sky sea specialization, based on the simple use of white silk, gray silk and black silk by peers, the company and conductive fiber suppliers have jointly developed a series of products such as white silk No. 2, gray silk No. 2, gray silk No. 4 and black silk No. 2. Recently, lantianhai has successfully developed the fourth generation of high conductive carbon fiber, and the new generation of antistatic fabric equipped with the fourth generation of conductive fiber has passed the national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center gb12014-2009 A-level standard test. Professional focus and clear positioning, blue sky sea firmly believes that: more than specialized, in today’s competitive society is unable to occupy a competitive advantage; Only by focusing on becoming a professional supplier of anti-static safety protective fabrics, and constantly improving the quality and technology content of products, can we keep up with the continuous development of the market and achieve the goal of the company’s own continuous development. China’s 650 million industrial workers have a huge market. While focusing on becoming a supplier of anti-static and safety protective tooling fabrics, in order to ensure the performance of anti-static and safety protective tooling fabrics and let customers buy and use them with 100% confidence, lantianhai has been underwritten by P1CC since 2005. 1n order to shorten the transportation time and reduce the transportation cost, the production bases of Lanxiang brand anti-static safety protective fabrics have been distributed in five provinces, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and Hebei. So far, the company’s business covers 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and indirectly exports to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, involving functional fabric industry chain with professional products and innovative services. 1n addition, in order to make customers get more professional service, blue sky sea launched customer personalized service, according to customer needs to provide integrated anti-static safety protection tooling fabric service design, completely solve the traditional fabric selection problem. For different industries (such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal, aviation, aerospace, electronics, medicine, automobile, public transportation, environmental sanitation, electric power, cotton spinning, etc.), different seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), different application occasions (dry in the north, high humidity in coastal areas, etc.), different standards (national standards, EU standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards, national standards Through the discussion and research of the expert group, we have worked out the most suitable solution for industrial workers. Expert enterprises should have expert talents. Only a team of experts fully in line with the company’s development level as a solid backing, can they really continue to move forward in the knowledge economy market. The expert team of lantianhai construction adopts the method of combining internal and external, and cooperates with Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences to establish the special fabric research and development center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, which takes experts from Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences as the solid backing of the company’s technology research and development; The company constantly recruits experts in textile, printing and dyeing, production, processing and marketing, so that the experts can check the corresponding positions, and undertake the task of helping and teaching young employees of the company, so as to cultivate talents for the sustainable development of the company” The experience of others can be used for reference, but not imitated. ” Chen Mingqing said. 1t is also under the guidance of this concept, clear and focused product positioning gives blue sky a “exclusive” way

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