Laser resistance test system passed appraisal

recently, the laser resistance test system of operation sheet and patient protective cover developed by Shandong medical device product quality inspection center has passed the scientific and technological appraisal of Shandong Province. The identification Group believes that the system has reached the international advanced level, and suggests actively tracking the development trend of new laser medical devices to meet the needs of continuous clinical development

laser is a kind of non ionizing radiation, which has three characteristics: monochromatic, unidirectional and high cohesion. Laser medical devices can be used in the treatment of myopia, dentistry, tumor and other fields. However, the non ionizing radiation of laser will harm the operating room staff and patients during operation, and the injured parts mainly include eyes and skin. The laser beam during the treatment may also cause electric shock, fire and explosion. Therefore, many countries are actively researching and developing anti laser radiation products, such as protective clothing, protective mask, protective glasses

it is learned that the system adopts integrated structure design, with reliable performance, safe operation, simple operation and good data repeatability. The success of its development laid the foundation for the next step to transform the international standard into the anti laser test standard of surgical sheet and patient protective cover in China. At the same time, it also provided the evaluation means in line with international standards for the development of anti laser surgical sheet and patient protective cover in China, and played a technical support and leading role

Author: Lu Wei

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