Latex gloves is a good helper to prevent finger stab

For many people, especially women and children, fingers are prone to barbed. Barbs not only affect the appearance of the hand, but also easily cause pain. 1n order to save trouble, many people are used to tearing off or biting off the barb. This wrong way is easy to cause infection, leading to paronychia or hand abscess

barb is called “reverse exfoliation” in medicine. The reason is that the cuticle is too dry to separate. 1f you often wash your hands with soap, detergent, or physical friction and other reasons to remove the sebum on the surface of the skin, you will lose the protection of the cuticle, and the moisture will evaporate too much to dry and peel off, resulting in reverse peeling

if the barb heals slowly, it may lack vitamins or trace elements. But most of them have nothing to do with vitamin deficiency, but are caused by physical friction or excessive hand contact with detergent. Therefore, do not blindly over supplement vitamins due to barbs

in case of barbed hands, soak the barbed hands in hot water for 20 minutes. After the nails and surrounding skin become soft, cut off the barbed hands with clean scissors, and then apply hand cream

in order to avoid barbed, we should balance nutrition, not partial to food, not picky. Those with high incidence should eat milk, soybean milk, carrots, eggs, vegetables, lean meat, liver, peanuts, walnuts, white fungus, fruits, etc

in addition, you can wear latex gloves when working, and use less hand sanitizer or alkaline soap, washing powder and other washing products. 1f possible, apply hand cream immediately after washing hands. Children should also get rid of the habit of biting and picking fingers

regular hand rubbing can promote blood circulation and sebaceous gland secretion, and also has a certain effect on the prevention of barbed

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