Law of the people’s Republic of China on prevention and control of occupational diseases

Anhui coal Supervision Bureau, together with Anhui economic and 1nformation Commission, launched the publicity week of “law on prevention and control of occupational diseases”, and organized relevant experts to carry out on-site acceptance of the completion of underground occupational disease prevention facilities in Yangzhuang and Yangliu Coal Mines of Huaibei Mining Group. Sun Xiukai, deputy director of Anhui coal Supervision Bureau, attended the start-up activities and site acceptance

in recent years, Anhui coal Supervision Bureau has paid close attention to the harm of silicosis to miners, strengthened source prevention, and incorporated occupational disease prevention facilities into the “three Simultaneities” of coal mine construction for review and acceptance. At the acceptance site, Xu Xihai, President of the 1nstitute of occupational disease prevention of Huaibei Mining Group, talked about his experience in combination with his experience in occupational disease prevention and control. He believed that in the past, as long as there was no work-related injury and no death in the coal mine, it could be said that it was safe. Since the promulgation and implementation of the “law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases”, the state has raised the health of workers to the level of safe production, and paid equal attention to “red injury” and “white injury”. Master Yan of Yangliu Coal Mine Transportation zone said in an interview that every worker engaged in production work was provided with corresponding personal protective equipment, such as work clothes, safety helmet, rubber boots, safety belt, eye protection, acid resistant rubber boots, etc. Without masks, workers are not allowed to go down the mine. Now they are gradually aware of the hazards of occupational diseases, and consciously do a good job in the protection of occupational diseases from the perspective of their own health

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