Leaders of the town government pay tribute to the front-line workers of Aoxiang shoe industry

Tang Zhiguo, member of the Party committee and chief of the organization section of Huacao Town, Wang Jiayi, director of the party construction service center, he village head and Zhu Deputy Secretary of Hongwei village came to the production front line of Aoxiang shoe industry. Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Huajie, general manager, they sent cooling supplies for the workers fighting under the high temperature and offered cordial sympathy. The cordial solicitude of the leaders of the town made the workers deeply feel the concern of the Party committee and the government, and further stimulated their enthusiasm for work. Everyone said that they should stick to their posts, fight against high temperature, pay attention to progress, ensure quality and safety, and ensure the normal and orderly development of all work< Mr. Wang and the leaders of the town government discussed the development of the company in the future. Mr. Wang explained in detail the future development plan of Aoxiang shoes industry to the leaders, and Mr. Tang also put forward corresponding suggestions

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