Leading in the world! Drug raw material: Hemp becomes high grade clothing

“in recent years, 1’ve been worrying about Han Ma Bei every day. The image says that 1’ve got” leprosy “and 1’m crazy.” At the opening ceremony of the world’s first hemp family life Museum, Li Rucheng, President of Youngor Group, who led the research and development and innovation of hemp products in the whole process, was very happy to see the complete launch of mature hemp clothing and home furnishing product lines. The brand-new production line of hemp family also marks that hemp, a brand-new fiber product originated in China and leading in the world, has entered the market operation stage< According to the introduction, the raw material of hemp products comes from hemp, which is the drug raw material that everyone hears and turns pale. Hemp fiber is small, but its hemp skin is very hard, not easy to soften into ordinary textile yarn. Hemp cloth made from hemp skin has special functions. Hemp clothing is cooler and more breathable than ordinary hemp clothing. 1t also has many functions, such as wrinkle resistance, deodorization, sterilization, UV protection, odor absorption, moisture absorption and perspiration. 1t is a new generation of natural fiber discovered after cotton, wool and silk “bath towel and bathrobe made of hemp will not produce any peculiar smell after use; Socks made of hemp do not change or stink in a week. ” Li Rucheng introduced the special use of hemp fiber to reporters. Other parts of hemp, such as hemp stalks, hemp leaves and hemp seeds, can be used as raw materials for environmental protection ceramics, food and health care products Li Rucheng predicted that the prospect of hemp industry chain is very broad, with a market scale of at least 100 billion. At present, Youngor has carried out trial use of hemp socks, military coats, hemp fabric shoes and other products in the army, and will equip the whole army in the future. At the same time, Youngor will open “hemp family stores” in Beijing, Shanghai and other provincial capitals, provide hemp products to high-end consumers in Europe and America, and launch hemp consumer market< The successful launch of hemp series products is due to the unique insight of Li Rucheng, President of Youngor Group during the national “two sessions” in 2004, Li Rucheng met Zhang Jianchun, director of the Han Ma research center of the Quartermaster Equipment Research 1nstitute of the PLA General Logistics Department. At that time, Zhang Jianchun was studying hemp, hoping to industrialize it to equip the army. Zhang Jianchun introduced the situation of hemp research, which immediately aroused Li Rucheng’s strong interest “at that time, it was difficult to say whether the study of hemp could be successful. However, President Li Rucheng has unique insight in hemp industry and is very supportive. After discussion, we decided to cooperate between the army and the local government and work together on the study of hemp. ” Yesterday, Zhang Jianchun, who specially came to Ningbo to participate in the opening of the hemp family life Museum, introduced the history of hemp research to reporters in 2005, after the PLA General Logistics Department cooperated with Youngor Group to carry out the research on hemp, Youngor began to plant hemp in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, and solved many technical problems in the research, forming a unique hemp industry chain. 1n 2008, the brand-new hemp clothing was finally developed successfully. 1n April 2009, the world’s first industrialized hemp fiber processing line was officially put into operation it is understood that Youngor will continue to carry out the research on the deep development of hemp together with the PLA General Logistics Department, so that the cost of hemp products will be further reduced and the quality of hemp products will continue to rise nine scientific research achievements are leading in the world European and American countries started the research on hemp technology more than 20 years ago, but they have not made a breakthrough in industrialization after joint research by Youngor and PLA General Logistics Department, technical experts from both sides have integrated various international advanced technologies for hemp fiber industrialization, and creatively invented “hemp skin fiber degumming technology” and “basic cotton Xinghua technology of hemp fiber”, enabling hemp fiber to spin fibers with similar length and characteristics of cotton, wool or silk fibers according to needs, The key technical problems of hemp fiber softening application were solved “in this process, 9 scientific research achievements have reached the world leading level, and 20 technological achievements have applied for national invention patents. This is the first time that China’s textile industry has a fully self-developed future oriented product, which is also a world leading product. 1t is a revolution in clothing raw materials. This is a great achievement. ” Zhang Jianchun said< According to Zhang Jianchun, although China is a big textile country in the world, textile raw materials such as cotton are heavily imported, and the leading fabric R & D technology is in the hands of European and American people. Moreover, the added value of China's textile and garment industry is very low, which is not only lower than that of the United States, 1taly, but also lower than that of its neighbor South Korea. The successful development of hemp technology will change this situation “hemp technology is completely original in China. The success of large-scale production of hemp series products and the launch of hemp family brand are all accomplished by Chinese people. This gives China’s textile industry the best weapon to turn over. ” Zhang Jianchun said, “because all the leading technologies of hemp from equipment to products are in the hands of the Chinese people.”

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