Learn about fire fighting and experience fire fighting

When the fire alarm goes off, we know that someone is in danger. 1t’s them who rush to the front line to save people in the first time. They are our respected uncle firefighters. On the afternoon of March 27, more than 150 reporters from No.3 Steel primary school and Nankai primary school walked into the second fire brigade of Baotou high tech Zone to learn fire fighting knowledge, wear fire fighting clothes, know fire fighting equipment, and learn about fire fighting and experience fire fighting from zero distance

“the fire clothes are too heavy”

at 3 p.m., the little reporters walked into the second fire squadron of the high tech Zone. Before this, in order to meet the small reporters, the fire officers and soldiers have been ready. They stand in a row, next to five different sets of fire suits, all kinds of rescue equipment are also neatly arranged in a row, two fire engines stop behind them. When seeing this scene, little reporters can not help but think of the fire scene full of crisis

after the reporters quickly organized the team, Xi Zeyu, the leader of the second squadron of Baotou public security fire brigade, introduced the items we visited today. First of all, the fire officers and soldiers showed you all kinds of fire uniforms. Captain Xi said, “once we find a fire, we must put on our clothes within one minute and leave the camp quickly. When 1 finish my introduction, any reporter who is willing to come and try them on.” Hearing this, little reporters are eager to put on these clothes. Captain Xi introduced the characteristics and uses of five kinds of fire-fighting clothing to the reporters one by one. Among them, the most familiar ones are fire-fighting protective clothing and emergency rescue clothing. No matter at the scene of fire or in sudden rescue accidents such as traffic accidents and earthquakes, you can always see the figures of fire-fighting officers and soldiers wearing these clothes. When it comes to heavy chemical protective clothing, its unique appearance has attracted the attention of small reporters” 1t’s like a spacesuit A little reporter blurted out. Next, it’s the most exciting moment. Five lucky reporters went to the front of the clothes. The uncle of the fireman helped the reporter put on the fire clothes first, then put on the helmet and gloves, and finally tied the belt. 1mmediately, five small reporters turned into a small firefighter, extremely powerful. They were surrounded by other small groups of reporters, constantly taking photos, and seemed to be big stars” 1s it hot inside? “” Can you walk The onlookers asked curiously. This handsome fire suit is hard to wear and even harder to take off. A little reporter needs to be picked up by the fireman’s uncle to reluctantly take off the fire suit. He said with emotion: “the fire suit is too heavy. 1t’s hot and stuffy inside. 1t’s too hard for the fireman’s uncles to wear such heavy clothes to carry out their tasks!”

the secret of fire engines and fire fighting equipment

after understanding and trying on the fire clothes, the fire officers and soldiers have to show the little reporters the special fire fighting equipment. These fire fighting equipment are used in daily police, and their parameters are different, and the field of use is also different. These tools are very strange to little journalists” What is this tool similar to household pliers, and what is its purpose? ” A little reporter asked, the fireman uncle replied: “this is a hydraulic expander, next to the hydraulic shear. At the scene of a car accident or earthquake, some people are trapped. We need to use these two tools to cut, break and rescue the trapped people.” Next, the fire officers and soldiers demonstrated the use of air breathing apparatus and thrower for the reporters. 1n the next exhibition, the little reporters are most interested in toothless saw and mobile chain saw. Toothless saw can cut metal and concrete, and mobile chain saw can cut wood. While explaining, uncle fireman picked up tools for field operation” These two “chainsaws” work really well The little reporter said with admiration

after the introduction of fire fighting tools, the little reporters gathered around two fire engines for a visit. Little reporters curiously look here and feel there, constantly asking about the functions of different fire vehicles and the use of equipment on the vehicles, and constantly recording in the interview book” What are the characteristics of these two cars and what is the difference between them? ” Some reporters can’t wait to ask questions” One is the high jet fire truck, which is mainly used for fire sprinkler. 1t can carry 3 tons of foam and 5 tons of water. This is a climbing platform fire truck, used to rescue high-rise trapped people, can stretch 32 meters, load 400 kg The fireman’s uncle answered the reporter’s question seriously. Taking into account the receptive ability of the reporters and their curiosity about new things, the fire officers and soldiers also timely explained fire safety common sense such as fire prevention, alarm and escape

interview with the uncle of the fireman

after having a general understanding of the fire fighting equipment and the work of the fireman, the little reporters began to carry out the interview task” Hello uncle, 1’m a reporter from No.3 Steel primary school. 1 want to ask you a few questions. 1t’s so hard to be a fireman. Do you want to give up? Do you feel uncomfortable when you first come here? ” The fireman’s uncle replied with a smile: “when 1 first came here, 1 didn’t adapt to it, but 1 never thought about giving up. After every fire, 1 felt very tired, but it was worthwhile to see the safety of the masses. 1 feel proud to be a fireman.” After listening to the fireman’s uncle’s reply, the reporters felt sincere admiration. Then, the little reporters rushed to ask the fire officers and soldiers about the use of equipment, the precautions in the fire, how to treat the work of firefighters, and so on. The fire officers and soldiers gave a serious and detailed answer to this one by one

the activity of more than one hour broadened the horizons of young journalists, learned fire fighting knowledge, and realized how great the profession of “fireman” is. 1n order to save people’s lives and property, they should carry out high-intensity training; 1n order to rush to the disaster scene at the first time, they should keep a high degree of vigilance; For the benefit of others, they should learn to sacrifice and contribute. When they left, the little reporters said with one voice: “thank you, uncle fireman!”

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