learn about other head care products except helmet

1. The working cap

here refers to the general working cap, which is divided into the working cap without edge and the working cap with edge according to the shape. 1t is mostly made of fine and dense fabrics, and it is required to be light and washable. Commonly used in food hygiene, medicine, precision instruments, machine tool processing, spraying and other workplaces, can prevent pollution; 1n addition, beside the rotating machine tool and the running belt conveyor, it can prevent the long hair from getting involved< 1n the process of industrial X-ray flaw detection, workers may be injured by X-ray, so it is necessary to take personal protection. The X-ray protective helmet is an article to protect the head and face. 1ts shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the mask is made of organic lead glass. The lead equivalent of this product is more than 0.25 MMPB< 3. Protective headgear is usually composed of headgear, mask and shawl (Fig. 2-9). 1n order to defend against the attack of objects, the head cover is often used with the safety helmet the material of the protective hood can be selected according to the working environment. For the hood which is required to be moisture-proof, waterproof and smoke-proof, it can be made of waterproof fabric, without cracks and openings, and the joints should be sealed. The mask is made of plexiglass. 1n high temperature environment, the material of the head cover is aluminum coated fabric or flame retardant canvas, and the face is made of aluminum coated plexiglass (Fig. 2-10) the protective headgear is often used in cement spraying, paint spraying, sand cleaning, ash cleaning, cement filling, high temperature thermal radiation, beekeeping and other workplaces. The protective headgear is often used in combination with various masks, eye protectors, suction protectors and protective clothing

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