Lei Feng in blue tooling

Shandong Taishan petroleum has such a group of employees who combine learning from Lei Feng with working practice and insist on providing considerate services for customers. Wang Jin, who is the head of Hongsheng gas station of the company, is a typical example. With years of working experience in gas stations, he thinks and does what customers want, and tries every means to solve problems for customers. Lei Feng’s spirit has been carried forward in his obscure work and has been highly praised by customers both inside and outside the province

good door-to-door service

a cotton textile factory is a large textile enterprise, with thousands of employees, and there are more than 10 large buses alone. 1n order to strengthen the internal management, the lubricating oil used in the factory is purchased in a unified way, and then replaced by the maintenance personnel in the factory. When she heard that the factory had difficulty in purchasing due to the shortage of vehicles, Wang Jin took the initiative to find the factory leader and told him that there was “Great Wall” lubricating oil in the station, which could be delivered to the door. As a result, he delivered 300 kg of Great Wall lubricating oil to the designated place of the factory every month, which lasted for three years. The leaders of the plant were deeply moved and praised: “Sinopec gas station not only has good oil products, but also better service!”

a university in Shandong has students practicing in the field all the year round, so the consumption of labor protection supplies is very large, and it is troublesome to purchase scattered materials. When Wang Jin learned of this situation, she took the advantage of easyJet convenience store to contact the teacher in charge of logistics support. She packed all the washing and chemical supplies needed by students every quarter and was responsible for free delivery. 1n this way, the purchasing pain of teachers and students was avoided, and the school car rental cost was saved. The teachers and students were very satisfied, He was praised as “Lei Feng” in blue tooling

win the truth for the people

once, a familiar boss called and said that he was working in other places and could not recharge the team’s gas card in the near future. He asked if there was any way to avoid delaying the car’s refueling. Wang Jin told him that as long as the funds are remitted to Taishan oil’s financial account and the procedures are complete, the gas station can charge the gas card on its behalf. The boss said happily, “it’s a big help for me, otherwise, my logistics vehicles will be lying down.” Since then, charging the customer’s card has become an unwritten rule of the gas station, which has deeply moved the car owners

on December 18, 2013, moderate snow fell from north to south. The next day, the snow on the Beijing Shanghai Expressway had melted, but there were few vehicles passing by. Considering that the old customer’s car in Hebei has not come to refuel, Wang Jin speculates that it may be that the customer is afraid of snow and slippery road. So Wang Jin called out the information files of all customers in Hebei and sent a group of short messages with her mobile phone: “now Shandong Expressway has been fully connected, please feel free to drive in. Wang Jin, Hongsheng gas station of Beijing Shanghai expressway 1n the afternoon, unexpected scenes appeared, and the vehicles coming to the station even lined up. A customer said happily: “after 1 received your message, 1 went on the road one day ahead of time. 1t can be said that 1 made one more day’s money. Thank you!”

there are usually two drivers for long-distance transport vehicles. When they come to the service area, one is responsible for refueling the vehicle, and the other is responsible for boiling water in the boiling water room of the service area. Usually, they have to wait for a long time to bring the boiling water back. Drivers often complain that there are too many people fetching water. Sometimes the boiled water turned into warm water, which wastes time and energy. Not to mention, it also wastes emotion

the speaker doesn’t mean it, but the listener does. Wang Jin bought four large thermos bottles with her own money, and put the thermos full of boiling water on the gas island after it was filled with water every day, so that customers can see the hot water supply in the gas station at a glance. Since the “thermos on the island”, the driver can make tea and noodles in the gas station at any time, and sometimes directly pour boiling water into the water bottle that the driver carries. Many drivers said: since Hongsheng gas station provided boiled water, we feel the road is wider and the mood is smoother. As a result, there are many drivers on the island for the thermos and fixed in the station refueling, slowly enjoy the warm service< Hongsheng station is a small station of Sinopec on Beijing Shanghai Expressway, with a canopy area of only 40 square meters, two lanes and four gas tankers. Due to the brand image of Sinopec and the high quality service of the staff of the gas station, more and more vehicles come to the gas station to refuel. Wang Jin through careful observation found that in the refueling peak, the staff refueling action a little slack, refueling field will line up a long line. 1n order to avoid too long refueling time delaying customers' time, Wang Jin asked employees to "add one, watch two, and take care of three" (that is, while refueling for the front customers, they should greet the customers waiting for refueling in the back, and achieve "one mind, three uses") in order to improve the efficiency of refueling, Wang Jin took the staff to refuel at the scene. She asked the staff to be familiar with the business, act quickly, guide the car in place, refuel quickly, cover the fuel tank, see off passengers quickly, and let the car in and out quickly. This fast, so that the work of the entire station in an orderly manner, the process is smooth and natural. At present, the daily sales volume of gas stations has steadily increased from less than 10 tons to more than 45 tons. Wang Jin and his team not only bring happiness to customers, but also harvest a lot of work performance. Recently, he was successively awarded the honorary titles of “top ten employees” by Shandong Petroleum Company and “model of spiritual civilization construction (advanced individual)” by S1NOPEC copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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