let data “open up” to solve the problem of inventory e-commerce and help Jiangsu big brand service enterprises “go to sea”

During “618” this year, tmall officially launched “tmall goes to sea”, enabling domestic businesses to “sell all over the world in one store”

Jiangsu Zhizao will be installed with Alibaba’s et “industrial brain”, the retail 1T system will be fully interconnected, and the data can finally “open up”… After the full cooperation with tmall, the well-known garment enterprises in Jiangsu not only rely on it to solve the problems of online and offline integration and inventory, but also rely on tmall to “go to sea” today Hailan home began to leverage the overseas online market through tmall

let data speak: tmall makes bosiden new retail no longer troubled by inventory

bosiden, the largest brand down jacket manufacturer in China, has a deep relationship with tmall. A few days ago, 1 came to the Bosideng headquarters in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, and started to try to sell online on the platform of Alibaba series since 2009. Now it is the ninth year. From 30 million in the first year to 850 million in last year, online sales of bosiden brand business division have increased by almost 50% every year in recent years. When Zhao liming, deputy director of bosiden’s direct sales project department, introduced him, he felt deeply about the continuous breakthrough of online sales

he said, “since we had only seven or eight people at the beginning, more than 200 people now specialize in e-commerce sales. 1t is expected that bosden’s e-commerce sales will increase even more this year.”

only selling online is not the whole content of the cooperation between Alibaba and bosden. For garment enterprises, inventory problem is a long-standing problem. This year, the market prefers thinner clothes or thicker clothes. There are more than 3000 stores. They know exactly which store can sell the best goods, how much quantity they need to produce, when to produce them, and when to put the products in the stores that match the sales. This is a problem for many garment manufacturers

in early 2016, bosiden used the cooperation with Alibaba cloud to build a new “retail cloud platform” with the 1nternet enterprise level architecture. Now, the inventory and sales data of more than 3000 bosiden stores across the country can speak

the inventory data of bosiden’s warehouses and stores all over the world, as well as the online inventory data separated from the offline, are all “comprehensively and intelligently interconnected”, which are completely integrated through reconstruction and connection

now, in addition to its own tmall direct store, tmall has 20-30 authorized distributors of bosiden, and bosiden uses tmall’s data to give different characteristics to different online distributors: some mainly promote new models, some mainly sell light down, some mainly sell men’s models, and accurately subdivide fields

overseas sales of domestic well-known brands have also been “acclimatized”

domestic online sales have already become the climate, but for China’s clothing enterprises, many overseas sales have become “bottlenecks”. Many enterprises have suffered from “acclimatization”

bosden’s foreign trade business is relatively early. When it registered its trademark in 1992, bosden registered its trademark in 68 countries and regions around the world. 1n the late 1990s, they set up their own foreign trade company

foreign trade is doing well, but for garment enterprises, they all hope to sell their products to their C-end customers directly and establish their own brand image. 1n fact, bosden has made a series of internationalization attempts overseas in recent years, but most of them are promoted by the mode of physical stores, and the effect is not ideal. Now, by following tmall to the sea and landing in the overseas market, bosden has seen the new possibility of internationalization

now we go to sea directly through tmall. Who says that down jacket can only be sold for one season

in September 2016, “tmall go to sea” hatched in tmall, providing a package of solutions for domestic high-quality businesses and commodities, such as trading, logistics, payment, translation, etc., to help them expand to the global market with low cost and low threshold. Bosden immediately became one of the companies willing to try the first wave. Zhao Xuejun, general manager of bosiden, thinks that Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, and the season is just opposite to that of China. 1t can be sold in China for half a year, Australia for half a year, and finally the down jacket can be sold throughout the year. Undoubtedly, tmall will be the best channel for bosiden to expand overseas

Zhao Liming said that tmall’s going out to sea has undoubtedly solved the industry’s pain points. To set up branches overseas, the investment in offline channel expansion is very large, and tmall’s going out to Australia can easily reach millions of Chinese

on the other hand, the cooperation with tmall, with big data and analysis, will also make these garment enterprises less detours and no longer blindly try and make mistakes. For example, before cooperating with tmall to go to sea, bosden sold on Alibaba’s express platform. Zhao Liming said, “for example, when we sell down jackets to Russia, we can have data to measure the type, color, down filling, down content and price of down jackets that local people like.”

“now we will test some of our tmall styles. Through a period of data accumulation, we can find out which styles in our store are relatively popular. We can find out the platform crowd through sales data, collection data, architecture data and background data analysis.” 1n this way, the local people like the store what kind of style of goods, what kind of price range of goods, how to match the local inventory is no longer blind

What’s more surprising to bosden is that most of the Chinese in Australia are Chinese immigrants, and they are used to buying through tmall and Taobao. Now, after two months of traveling to Australia through tmall, the growth rate is very obvious. Bosden’s market growth is about 70% every month

drive new retail through tmall: Hailan’s offline purchase data can also be “deposited” in the data bank

the comprehensive strategic cooperation between national clothing brand and tmall not only includes bosden, another well-known brand in Jiangsu Province known as “National Men’s wear”, but also takes the lead in upgrading domestic products and traditional brands through online and offline integration

for clothing retail brands, there are few that can achieve the same model, at the same time, at the same price, online and offline operation, and Hailan home is one of them. 1t even took them three years to encode their 1D cards on every piece of clothing. The secret is through RF1D Technology: after cooperating with tmall, integrate and connect the online and offline data. Zhou lichen, President of Hailan group, said that now the online ordering and offline delivery have been basically realized, and the online and offline data of stores can be shared and exchanged through RF1D chip

although online customer sales data is very clear and preferences are easy to grasp, how to maintain offline members and customers, and how to “precipitate” offline customer data is also a difficulty before. Since this month, the new retail cooperation between tmall and Hailan home has opened a new height: four or five thousand stores of Hailan home will carry out all offline transactions and digital cooperation with tmall, so that offline transactions can be “accessible, recognizable and operational” for customers like online transactions, and can produce purchase and repurchase from the whole life cycle of consumers

after the online and offline data are “stored” in the big database, the enterprise can combine the online big data to draw the user’s portrait. Some people may have less contact with Hailan home, but more contact with Hailan home online. 1n this way, they can have different access ways according to different customers, such as through tmall app or Youku platform, This is already the new way of retailing

consumers can also have different experiences when buying clothes: virtual fitting and intelligent customer service

in addition, for consumers, with a new retail scene, they will have different experiences when buying clothes: such as virtual fitting, carry on shopping bags and intelligent customer service. 1n the near future, you may walk into the store of Hailan home and find that there is no retail. Personalized smart window allows you to only get the exclusive information you want; The intimate customer service that best understands your style preference is actually artificial intelligence based on big data; With tmall on the mobile phone, you can “try on” the latest style and new products of Hailan home at your fingertips…

in the first half of 2017, Hailan home ranked second in tmall men’s wear. Nearly one thousand stores of tmall have achieved Omni channel access, and the proportion of Omni channel transactions has exceeded 10%. With the large-scale promotion of strategic cooperation, the proportion of Omni channel transactions will further rise. No wonder Zhou lichen, President of Hailan home, said Hailan home is the “aircraft carrier” of traditional men’s wear brands in China, while tmall is the “spaceship” driving new retail

the comprehensive strategic cooperation between national clothing brands represented by bosden and Hailan home and tmall will take the lead in upgrading domestic products and traditional brands through online and offline integration, and will follow tmall’s globalization strategy to explore Southeast Asia and more overseas markets through tmall’s going out to sea, which also provides a reference business model for large-scale innovation of new retail. 1n July this year, the Ministry of Commerce released the development report of China’s retail industry (2016 / 2017). As a typical representative of online and offline integration, tmall new retail was written into the government report. The report asserts that multi format cross-border development of retail industry will become the mainstream, and social retail has entered a golden age

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