let employees know about antistatic clothing

There are many industries that require wearing dust-free clothes. When looking for a job, some workers will ask if they want to wear dust-free clothes to work. However, most of them only care about the comfort of wearing dust-free clothes, and they don’t necessarily know why they want to wear dust-free clothes. They don’t know the meaning of “clothes” in “clothes”

as the name suggests, the pursuit of dust-free clothing is clean, wearing dust-free clothing can keep the working environment clean. The main material for making dust-free clothing is anti-static ultra clean fabric, which is dust-free and has anti-static function

in the process of wearing dust-free work clothes, the maintenance of dust-free clothes should be emphasized. Before working in the dust-free workshop, employees should understand the specifications and requirements for the use of dust-free clothing. The employees who work in the dust-free workshop must wear the dust-free clothing in strict accordance with the specifications. For example, they should pay attention to the order of wearing, and pay attention to that when wearing the dust-free hat, their hair must be completely covered in the hat. After putting on the dust-free clothes, the buttons must be fastened or zipped well, and the neck and shoulders must not be exposed

there are still many things to pay attention to about the wearing of dust-free clothes. You can visit the China labor protection website(www.chinalaobao.com )Check some professional knowledge articles on the website, so as to have a deeper understanding of dust-free clothing

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