Let professional tooling blossom everywhere

just after the end of the new year, Tu Kanglin of the century old Tu company is busy opening a chain store in Ningbo” This is only the first step. The company’s goal is to open “centenarian butcher” chain stores in all prefecture level cities in the province This is his vision for the new year

be the leader in the industry

“the image of Lao TU with flat head, beard and big ears, the advertising slogan of” a hundred year old Tu, a family of craftsmen “… 1 believe that no matter in Keqiao or in the urban area, you will be familiar with it” “Hundred year old butcher” has become a famous brand in the professional tooling industry

Keqiao Wanda Plaza, Baoye group and a Taiwan funded enterprise in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province are all the “first-line customers” of laotu, relying on the brand awareness of “bailaotu”. Tu Kanglin told reporters that in Shaoxing and even in the province’s professional tooling industry, he would take the lead

consolidate the chain foundation

in centenarian Tu company, the reporter saw that there are all kinds of professional clothes, such as security clothes, cleaning clothes, clerical clothes, advertising clothes, etc. The increasing popularity of Tu Kanglin makes it easy for him to do domestic trade. Through e-commerce, he also started foreign trade. At present, the company’s processing business covers the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Libya, Malaysia and other countries, exporting more than 10 containers a year

with the rapid development of business, the production capacity of laotu Clothing Co., Ltd. registered in Hangzhou is far from meeting the market demand. To this end, he contacted 300 sewing workers, equipped with more than 10 professional design and quality inspection personnel, strictly control the quality of products. Lao Tu said that it’s rare for tooling enterprises to have their own designers and processing capabilities, which is just necessary for chain stores< At first, Tu Kanglin's registered enterprise was County hundred years old Tu Trading Co., Ltd., which mainly engaged in textile fabrics, processing and making professional clothes. 1n October last year, he registered the county centenarian Tu Clothing Co., Ltd. and settled in the brand exhibition trade center on the 4th floor of the clothing (accessories) market of China Textile City< Although he still opens a shop in Keqiao, Tu Kanglin thinks that the future of development is quite different: "the growth of Kebei clothing market has stepped into a benign track. 1 set my enterprise headquarters in the market, relying on the price advantage of fabric base in Textile City and the advantage of logistics consignment network, and through the big platform of market brand marketing exhibition and Trade Center, to carry out franchise, wholesale and sales We will speed up the development of "centenarian butcher" to the whole country through business activities such as order trade< At present, small and medium-sized enterprises are more and more aware of labor protection and corporate image, and the demand for tooling and professional clothing is also expanding. But for a company with hundreds of people, it is difficult to place an order because of its small quantity and large amount of products. A few years ago, Lao Tu smelled the market and inspired him to open a supermarket chain in the company’s warehouse, the reporter saw more than 10000 pieces of various types of tooling. Tu Kanglin said that the development of tooling retail business is risky and must be prepared” After the province’s chain stores have opened, if you go to my chain store to choose the tooling, you can’t choose the one you are satisfied with among hundreds of styles, and there will be no other place to choose. ” A kind of “domineering spirit” has become his confidence and confidence in opening “tooling chain supermarket”

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