Let the helmet on your head play a safety role

the safety helmet on the labor foreman is related to their personal life safety, plays an important role in safety, relates to the happiness of the family and the honor and benefit of the employer. However, according to the author in the market ran into several workers in the construction company, saw that there are many problems in the construction site labor wear helmet: helmet is broken, with adhesive tape stick to continue to use; The gloves were broken and the fingers were leaking; Some people who forget to wear safety helmets simply enter the construction site without wearing helmets; More managers and labor workers use different grades of helmets to enter the construction site. 1t’s unexpected and unimaginable. 1sn’t the life of a laborer important

the safety helmet is only a protective tool in labor production, and its role can not be ignored. Small things can lead to great trouble, which is related to the safety of human life, but we see extreme insecurity. Who makes the helmet unsafe? 1s it the employer? 1f they provide labor service workers with safety helmets that meet the requirements, if they carry out safety education for labor service workers and let them form a good habit of wearing safety helmets, the safety helmets will not be unsafe. However, it is irresponsible to blame the safety helmet on the construction unit and labor workers. 1f the functional departments strengthen the supervision of safety production and regularly supervise and inspect the equipment and use of safety helmets, can safety helmets become a tool to cope with the inspection? 1f the functional departments effectively supervise and inspect the safety helmets on the market to ensure that all the safety helmets on the market meet the corresponding national technical standards and requirements, can the employing units still buy unqualified safety helmets

the reason why the safety helmet is not safe is that in order to control the cost, some employers save the expense of labor protection articles; Some labor workers do not pay attention to personal safety; But more relevant functional departments ignore life safety, and do not see the importance of life safety to society. 1n short, there are many reasons for the construction industry. The author believes that we should strengthen the guidance and education of labor workers, urge them to strictly implement the relevant provisions, and improve their legal awareness and right awareness. 1f the employing unit fails to comply with the provisions, the functional departments at all levels shall order it to rectify within a time limit, and those who fail to do so within the time limit shall be punished. 1f the construction unit violates the laws and regulations, the functional departments should earnestly perform their duties, let the labor workers have a door to complain, solve the problem well, and timely ensure that the rights and interests of workers are protected by the society

at present, the state has repeatedly stressed security. Only when the whole society forms a joint force, can it provide a strong driving force for economic and social development and promote the guarantee of safety factor. Let the helmet above play a safety role

Liu Honggang, correspondent of China Railway Network

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