Li Jianhua, executive chairman of China Textile Business Association, investigates labor insurance industry in Linyi City

On August 30-31, Li Jianhua, executive president of China Textile Business Association, Gao Fei, Secretary General of safety and health protection articles Committee, and other leaders went to Linyi, Shandong Province to inspect the development of local labor protection industry, and conduct industrial exchanges and market research< On August 30, accompanied by Chen Jingxiu, vice president of Linyi Council for the promotion of international trade, Liu Zexiang, deputy director of Linyi state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, Li Yunrong, deputy director of Linshan District People's Congress, Wang Shiling, chairman of Shandong Lantian 1nvestment Holding Co., Ltd. and relevant leaders of Linyi labor protection articles chamber of Commerce, Li Jianhua and his party visited Linyi HengAn Labor Protection Articles Co., Ltd. Xue Chao, chairman of the board of directors of the company and Meng Sen, general manager of the company, introduced to Li Jianhua and his party the current situation of the development of the enterprise and the situation of Acting brands. Li Jianhua praised the achievements of the enterprise and hoped that Heng'an would make persistent efforts to help the growth of national brands during his visit to Linyi xinminghui Safety Technology Co., Ltd., Li Hui, general manager, reported on the development and achievements of the company in warehousing, logistics, e-commerce and other aspects in recent years. Li Jianhua highly praised the company’s advanced management mode and hoped to take xinminghui as an example to promote its experience in more member enterprises< On August 31, accompanied by Li Chaohui, vice mayor of Linyi Municipal People's government, and Wang Jiaxing, President of Linyi Council for the promotion of international trade, Li Jianhua and his party visited Linyi planning exhibition hall, Linyi textile labor protection city, Linyi fu'ante labor protection products Co., Ltd. and Linyi Standard Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. 1n recent years, the development of logistics, commerce and trade in Linyi is obvious to all, and the urban construction is remarkable. As the largest city with the largest area and the largest population in Shandong Province, the economic development level of Linyi has been rising from the backward position of the province to the seventh place of the province after the visit, Li Jianhua and his party held a forum with relevant leaders of Linyi Municipal government, enterprises and chambers of Commerce. The meeting heard reports on the development of Linyi exhibition hall, logistics and labor insurance industry. The local government hoped that the association would consider holding a “labor insurance meeting” in Linyi. Li Jianhua said that he was grateful for the recognition and support of the local government for the labor insurance association, but the location of the exhibition needs to consider many factors, especially for non provincial capital cities, which will be carefully studied by the association at the same time, Li Jianhua also pointed out that Linyi enterprises can get more subsidies from the municipal government when they participate in foreign exhibitions, but they do not. He hoped that the municipal government would consider giving certain subsidies to enterprises participating in domestic exhibitions to jointly support the development of small and medium-sized labor insurance enterprises in Linyi

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